How to make homemade firecrackers safely

We are in the middle of a celebration of failure and the sound of firecrackers invades the streets. You can always buy them in specialized stores but have you ever wondered how to make homemade firecrackers? If so, you are in luck because we bring you three simple and safe ways to make them.

If you are a minor, we recommend that you perform these experiments in the company of an adult. This way, we certify that the fun stays in the safety field.

Surprise family and friends with these ways of making homemade firecrackers. We will use materials that are easy to get or that we already have at home.

Homemade firecrackers with safety match heads

They are known as safety matches and only light up when rubbed against the scraper in their box. It鈥檚 not like the ones that light up when rubbed against any surface.

This feature makes the safety matches ideal for this first craft.


  • A box of safety matches.
  • Wrapping tape.
  • Scissors.
  • Cutter.
  • Sheet of paper.
  • Two small stones.
  • Tinfoil.

Homemade firecracker mix

The first thing we have to do is take the heads off the matches

With the help of a cutter, scrape the heads of about 10 matches. It prevents many pieces of wood from falling so that the desired reaction is 100% possible.

Take a sheet of paper and cut it into two parts. Place the match head pieces on one side of the paper.

Again with the cutter, he crushes the phosphorus heads. The idea is to leave some kind of dust behind.

Then, with the scissors, scrape a little bit of the ignition scraper from the matches. Gradually, the scraper will come off the box as a very fine powder.

On another piece of paper, put the powder from the scraper.

Carefully place the scraper powder with the match heads. Join them with the cutter. Do not make any sudden movements to prevent the match powder from being lit.

Duct tape container

Now, we cut a piece of about 5 cm of packing tape. We fold it in half, but without joining it. We鈥檒l make a small container out of the tape.

In our improvised bag of packing tape, we put the mixture of match powder and scraper.

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Carefully, without putting pressure on the mixture, close the edges of the packet with tape.

How do you make the homemade firecracker explode?

Now comes the decisive moment. To make the mixture explode we must use two stones in a flat way if possible.

We place the bag of packing tape with the mixture of matches between the two stones.

To join the package we use packing tape. Little by little, without making any pressure or movement between the stones, we wrap everything with the tape. It should be a little bit of tape, one turn will be enough.

Our firecracker will be like a small ball.

The last step will be to wrap everything up with a piece of aluminum foil. We will shape it into an onion.

To make it explode you have to throw the homemade firecrackers to the ground, with a little force. The stones will press against the matchstick mixture and make it explode at your feet.

Although the explosion produces a loud sound and some smoke, this experiment is not dangerous.

You can see the video of the experiment here:


Homemade smoke bomb

With this craft, you will have a special ingredient for your game moments. You can also use it during failures or any other festivity in your community.

It鈥檚 a smoke bomb that complements our homemade firecracker recipe. Ideal for presentations or to raise the tension of the public during the exhibition of your children.


  • Ping pong balls.
  • Safety matches.
  • Candles.
  • Tic Tac candy.
  • Pliers.
  • Scissors.

Using an indelible marker, draw a small circle on one of the ping-pong balls.

Now, take a cutter and cut out the circle you just drew. Don鈥檛 throw away the chopsticks, we鈥檙e going to need them later.

Take the pliers and remove the head from about 10 matches. Also with the pliers, crush about 6 TicTac candies. Crush the candy until you get a fine powder.

Now it鈥檚 time to use the candles. Taking the cutter firmly, scrape the paraffin from a candle. Stop when you get an amount similar to the heads and powder of TicTac.

With the help of one of the remaining matchsticks, mix all the ingredients on a piece of paper. Put the mixture into the ping-pong ball.

Cut out one of the scrapers from your matchbox. Fold it in half with the scratching area facing inward.

Insert a key ring into the folded scraper and secure it, with hot silicone, to the folded area.

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Take three matches and place a wick in the middle of them. Stick them with hot silicone. Let it cool.

When the silicone is dry, join the matches with the wick to the mouth that we open in the ping-pong ball containing the explosive mixture. Close the whole hole with the hot silicone.

Place the wiper tape, to which we stick the ring, on the head of the matches. Join the loose end with some rubber bands. This will prevent it from loosening and will make the necessary pressure to light the matches when we pull the scraper.

Now, to start your smoke bomb, go to an outside space and pull the ring attached to the scraper. Throw the pump at a safe distance and in a few seconds you will see white smoke start to build up.

Here is a YouTube video with a graphic explanation of this preparation.


Homemade firecracker with gunpowder

Because we will be using gunpowder, we recommend that this type of experiment be done only by adults. It is ideal that you have basic knowledge about handling gunpowder before making your homemade firecrackers.

This is the basic formula to make homemade firecrackers, but these are of the firecrackers that explode very strong


  • Black or white powder.
  • Cardboard.
  • Wick.
  • Plaster.
  • Paper tape.

Cut a piece of cardboard and make a tube about 2 cm in circumference and about 7 cm high. Stick it on with kraft paper tape.

Now, with some plaster, make two lids. One for each end of the cardboard tube you just built.

Before the plaster dries, open a small hole in one of the lids. That鈥檚 where you鈥檒l put the wick from the homemade firecracker.

When the lids are dry, place the lid on one of the tube mouths, secure it with some paper packing tape.

Add some powder inside the tube, compact. Insert the wick and continue filling the tube until it reaches the top.

Every time you add a little gunpowder, remember to compact it. It is important.

When you reach the top, put the plaster cover on and secure everything with paper tape.

To set off your homemade gunpowder firecrackers, we advise you to go to an open area. Then light the fuse, throw the firecracker, walk away and wait for the explosion.

Important, in case it does not explode, do not take it again with your hands. It may explode later and hurt you.

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