How to recycle plastic bags for home use

Plastic bags are still used to pack a lot of food, for food preservation reasons. However, the industry is rapidly moving towards more and more ecological plastic bags.

Existing in the environment a great amount of pollutants, the plastic bags will not be the cause of so much pollution and the world-wide ecological movement knows on this subject, the recycling often in useful, not all the plastic bags can be thrown away, you can use it again

Today, most plastic bags use plastic material as the main packaging material for their products. These bags are typically made from low density polyethylene or LDPE, also known as plastic film.

What is the problem with plastic bags and pollution?

It is simple that not everyone knows what to do with plastic bags, the solution is to recycle and not throw them away or dispose of them in the environment.

Many people may not know that this type of plastic is actually recyclable. But, it faces an uphill battle in the process of becoming something new. First, many people choose not to recycle.

So, although the bags can be reused, they end up in the regular trash barrel and go to the landfill. Secondly, for people who want to recycle, disposing of plastic film in a sustainable way is not so easy.

Recycling of plastic bags

Why is this? This is because many town and city recycling programs do not accept plastic film because of its ability to get stuck in the recycling center machinery and cause unwanted delays.

We think that the rest of the pollutants have a more negative impact on the environment, plastic bags are not the problem, we need to strengthen recycling practices and reuse of plastic bags, there are thousands of ideas for that.

How to use plastic bags through recycling

Advances in industrial technology make polyethylene or plastic more biodegradable every day, but you must also have the culture of emptying and reusing plastic bags 👜, this prevents plastic bags from ending up in the dump as quickly as possible.

If you keep the bags at home and give them many uses with the principle of recycling, you avoid having to throw them away.

There are many ways to recycle, the first is to empty the materials without the bags in the containers, but we can also give it another use, now let’s see ideas to reuse plastic bags

👜 Ideas to recycle plastic bags

✔️ If you go to the dry cleaners or supermarket and have one or two plastic bags, take them with you and reuse the same plastic bag every time you can.

✔️ Merging plastic bags to make coasters

How to make a coaster with plastic bags

Keep your table free of water rings by sliding a coaster under your cup or glass. Don’t you have one? All you need is a few plastic bags and an iron. Follow these steps to keep your table looking like new:

✔️ Find a round object the size of a coaster and use it to draw circles on your plastic bags.
✔️ Place an unprinted piece of paper on an ironing board.
✔️ Place the cut out pieces of plastic on the paper.
✔️ Cover the plastic with another piece of paper.
✔️ Iron each side for 10 to 15 seconds.
✔️ Turn a grocery bag into a
brazalete✔ plástico✔ bag
bracelet Impress your family and friends with a unique and environmentally friendly bracelet



How to make beautiful bracelets from plastic bags

✔️ Impress your family and friends with a stylish new bracelet made entirely from the grocery bag you just carried your food in.

✔️ Cut three strips of the same size and tie them in a knot. From there, braid the strips. Once braided, tie the ends and cut off the extra plastic.


Similarly you can make plastic threads to weave other objects that are useful, a tablecloth, for the table, ornaments or tables. Although not throwing away plastic bags does not solve the problem of pollution, always use your plastic bags to reuse or make some useful or decorative objects.

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