How to remove bad odor from the refrigerator and how to avoid it

It has happened to all of us that, from one day to the next, our refrigerator gives off an unpleasant smell. This happens because we leave some strongly smelling food uncovered or do not store it properly. Here’s how to remove the smell from your fridge

How to remove odors from the refrigerator

Identifies where the smell is coming from

To remove the smell from the fridge, the first thing you have to do is recognize which food is causing the bad smells. To do this, we recommend that you check those foods that are prone to giving off strong aromas, such as cheese and some vegetables. Once you have identified the source of the smell, remove the food from the fridge.

Deep cleaning

The second thing you should do is clean the refrigerator very well, that is, we recommend you to apply a deep cleaning. You can help yourself by using a good sponge and a disinfectant (preferably mild smelling).

If you want to apply a more natural cleaning method (to avoid toxins), you can use baking soda, mixing it with some lemon juice and hot water. Remember to remove all food from the refrigerator before doing this.

Re-introduce the food

After you have cleaned thoroughly, the smell of the refrigerator will disappear, and you can put your food back in it. However, to prevent bad smells from coming back we will give you some tips.

Trick to avoid bad smells in the fridge

Stores the food in tuppers

An infallible trick for eliminating refrigerator odours is to use tuppers to preserve food. One advantage of these containers is that you can get them in different sizes and shapes, so you will find those that best fit the space of your refrigerator.

In the tuppers you can store all kinds of foods; for example, they can be used tostore cheese (which usually gives off a strong smell), vegetables and even ready-made meals that you will eat during the week.

Date your food

Now that you know how to get rid of the bad smell from the fridge, remember to put the tuppers the date you put the food in the fridge. You can use a marker or put a post it where you have written the day.

This will allow you to calculate the approximate time when the products will expire and will help you organize yourself better so that you don’t have to throw away any food. In other words, it’ s a system that guides you to remove or use the food before it smells.

Scent the fridge

If you want your fridge not only to be clean, but also to have a pleasant smell, you can soak a cotton ball with some natural essence that you like (such as vanilla or cinnamon) and place it in a visible place (so that you can change it regularly). This way your fridge will be clean and naturally perfumed.

You can also put a lemon or orange cut in half and with cloves punctured in the pulp. In addition to absorbing the odours, they will give off a pleasant, sweet citrus aroma. Just remember to change it every week.

As you can see, removing bad smells from the fridge is very simple: you just need to get organised and spend some time on your appliance. Remember to use containers and put the date on all the food you put in the fridge.

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