How to serve ice cream properly

Ice cream is the favorite dessert of the summer and now is the perfect time to learn how to serve ice cream properly to surprise your customers in your ice cream shop or your guests at home. Whether it’s traditional ice cream like nougat, or the rarest ice cream flavors in the world, with this post you will learn how to serve them so they stay perfect in disposable ice cream containers

Today in Single use we discovered the best technique for serving ice cream with ice-cream scoop. You will get a perfect ice cream ball to surprise your own and strangers, and you can also add a touch of design with the accessories and decorations for ice cream. This summer, it’s time for success 😉 Let’s get to work.

Ice cream scoop

Serving the perfect ice cream is tricky, and you have to take into account many more aspects than you think. To begin with, the temperature at which the ice cream is served is very important.

What temperature is the ice cream served at?

According to ice cream experts, the temperature at which ice cream should be served is between -10º and -12º, because you have to take into account that from the time it is served until it is consumed, its temperature can increase. That will be the ideal temperature to be able to use the ice-cream scoop easily.

How to serve the ice cream?

Just as the brush is the key instrument of any painter, the ice-cream scoop is everything to an ice-cream maker. The also known as rationing spoons serve us to have an exact measure and to make the ice cream ball always homogeneous and with a perfect shape.

Did you know that the ball sack was invented by Alfred L. Cralle in the United States in 1897? The truth is that it is a very simple idea, but also very practical and comfortable to serve ice cream without staining and without destroying the presentation.

Returning to the technique, it is advisable to introduce the ball sacabola into a glass full of warm water and put it in the freezer for two minutes. This is done to prevent the ice cream ball from sticking to the spoon and from slipping easily into the container or glass where it is to be served.

When we have it ready, we must introduce the ball sacabola into the ice cream tub about two centimetres, picking up the ice cream ball that is being created with semicircular movements. Once you have the ball done, you must make a quick movement to deposit it carefully in the ice cream tubs, cones or in the ice cream cups.

To serve the next ball of ice cream, whether it is the same flavor or another, we must put the ball sacabola back into the water glass to clean it.

As with everything, technique is learned through practice, so you know what to do these days. Besides, you can reward yourself with some ice cream spoons 😉

Where to serve the ice cream?

There are several ways to serve the ice cream, although the most common ones are the tubs, the cones or the cups. If you are looking for ideas to serve the ice creams, in our web we offer you a wide catalogue of Ice Cream Serving ContainersFrom Plastic Ice Cream Containers, Ice Cream Cups and Cardboard Ice Cream Containers, to FOAM Containers, which maintain the temperature, Ice Cream Spoons and Ornaments to decorate your Ice Cream.

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