How to set up a successful pizzeria in a short time

As another exponent of the Mediterranean diet and its Italian roots, pizza is one of the most versatile and loved foods in the world.

They are the ideal guest for game days with friends, movie night with the family, TV series marathons or childrenÔÇÖs parties at home.

They combine with everything and there is a preparation for every taste. They are as complete or basic a dish as you want, consisting of a disk of wheat dough with a base of tomato sauce, cheese and all the ingredients you can imagine.

You can buy them in bars, cafeterias, schools, concerts, fairs, movies, football stadiums; they are everywhere.

As you can see there is a lot of competition, but there is so much demand that there is still room for more pizza businesses.

For your proposal to set up a pizzeria to become a success, you must ensure that the restaurant is filled every night, thus achieving the loyalty of your customers.

The pizzeria being a fast food business has great profitability. However, this alone is not enough to achieve the preference of diners.

In order to start this project, it is necessary to plan and have in mind a series of elements that will guide you to elaborate a business plan for your pizzeria:

  • Conduct a market study.
  • Define the target audience.
  • Determine the business model.
  • Establish the products and services.
  • Create a pleasant atmosphere.
  • Form a work team.
  • Offering quality service.
  • Encourage the use of social networks.

First step: business models

Once you decide to start your business, the first step is to think of the ideal product that will make your customers prefer you.

Establishing a business model will allow you to strengthen the foundations of your project, attending to the needs of your customers as the key to having a successful pizzeria.

In the business model you will establish the basis for the operation, from A to Z of your restaurant. The ideal in this phase is to have the support of people with experience in the development of projects in the food sector. They will help you do things right from the start.

DonÔÇÖt forget that innovation, creativity and new ideas will make the difference with your competition. These elements will make you stand out and position you in the market.

Study the pizza market in your area

The market study must be 360 degrees. Knowing the trends in the business, the types of pizza that are sold most, the best practices in the world of pizzerias.

You should also be aware of the factors that drive the development of the sector within your location. To achieve this, you must study the activity in the area and the products and services of the competition. These can provide valuable data that can be used to start the new project with a clear idea of what can be improved and modified.

Another idea, in times of communication 2.0, is to visit the social networks of your competition or sites like TripAdvisor where pizza lovers leave their comments.

Listen to them, identify their interests and you will have the necessary ingredients to boost your business and satisfy their needs.

Kitchen machinery needed to set up a pizzeria

Unlike other restaurants, pizzerias need specific machinery to be able to cook the pizzas as everyone expects.

This machinery will simplify the preparation and elaboration of the pizzas. Among them we have:

  • Fixed-head kneader: ideal utensil for making dough in the right quantities to meet demand.
  • Fermentation cabinets equipped with the necessary conditions for your dough to read properly and the results are above expectations.
  • Divider and rounder: ideal machinery for cutting and making uniform dough balls.
  • Laminator ÔÇô forming machine: equipment that will help you to regulate the thickness and diameter of the dough quickly.
  • Pizza tables where you will place each of the ingredients of your pizzas and they will be kept at the ideal temperature to avoid decomposition.
  • Pizza ovens, undoubtedly the king of every pizzeriaÔÇÖs kitchen. The cooking method of your pizzas enhances the flavour of your preparations, making them delicious.
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Choose the best pizza oven

From day one, this is something you should take into account among the most important decisions in your business

As we indicated in the previous point, the oven is the most important equipment in a pizzeria. The baking of the pizza, and to some extent the taste, depends on the type of oven used.

Among the options on the market you have a wood-fired oven, gas oven or an electric model. This decision is easier to make when the following variables are analyzed:

  • Knowledge of use.
  • Economical consumption.
  • Oven price.
  • Cooking temperature.
  • Cooking time.
  • Production capacity.

In any case, you will need a pizza baker specialized in pizza and if possible with experience in handling the type of oven you decide to buy for your restaurant.

If your choice is a wood-fired oven, you are guaranteed a unique taste in your pizzas. It is the most traditional in the business and very appreciated by lovers of this Italian dish.

When the choice is an electric oven, opt for models that generate a temperature of 500┬░C, thus ensuring even cooking in a short time.

Another important thing to consider is the capacity of this oven. Depending on the size of your restaurant and the number of tables you have, you should have an oven that is the right size to serve your guests quickly.

Human resources for your pizzeria

As in all businesses, the employees are your visible face

Establish a working schedule, in strict compliance with current legislation, which allows you to maintain a fresh team ready to meet the demands of each of your guests.

Remember that it will be very hot in the kitchen, due to the oven, so take into account these details to establish rest times and mental clearance of your workers.

It is also necessary to hire the right staff to cover the shifts, days off and holidays of the people working in the pizzeria.

Depending on the demand of the business, you will find yourself in the need of hiring personnel to serve as reinforcements, especially during the seasons and days of greater affluence of the restaurant.

According to the profile of the workers in a restaurant, these are some of the positions required in a pizzeria:

  • Manager: he is in charge of managing the business and the person responsible for the activity of the premises.
  • Cook: this is the person who will prepare the pizzas. He is also responsible for maintaining order and cleanliness in the kitchen.
  • Waiter: he is in charge of serving the customer and the tables.
  • Delivery man: in charge of delivering the pizzas to your home. A fundamental position for this type of business.

Ideal decoration

Decoration is an important aspect when we are going to set up a restaurant. For your pizzeria, you must have furniture that adapts to the type of business. In addition, it must contribute to generating a welcoming, modern and comfortable atmosphere.

The basic furniture required when starting this type of business consists of:

  • Tables and chairs.
  • Bar, counter and shelves.
  • Sideboard and showcases.
  • Decorative elements.

With this furniture you will be able to work on an attractive image and designs, elements that will allow the customers to feel comfortable.

Quality of service

We all, no matter what type of food or restaurant we prefer, like to be well served. We want to feel comfortable in the place where we are going to spend a fun time and different from the daily routine.

Quality of service is the point that will make the difference in your business. Do your best to train your staff and provide careful, dedicated attention and an unbeatable menu.

With a well achieved quality of service, your restaurant will deepen the loyalty and preference of your customers.

Marketing to set up a pizzeria

Having a marketing plan when setting up a pizzeria allows you to have a clearer perspective on the actions to be taken.

In addition, you will determine when new alternatives should be considered to improve positioning and sales.

There are several aspects to consider when making a pizzeria marketing plan, so it is important:

  • Presence and correct management in the social networks most linked to the sector, such as Instagram and Facebook.
  • Generate your own content, maintaining a relationship with your brand and the style of your guests.
  • Documenting the commercial proposal.
  • Use graphic design and photographic production tools.
  • Take measurements. What is not measured cannot be improved.
  • Evaluate the results of the statistics, identify opportunities for improvement and work towards their resolution.
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Investment for a pizzeria

As you can imagine, opening a pizzeria is not easy. On the other hand, you will need an important investment in the adaptation of the premises and the purchase of equipment.

Between the costs of projection, permissions, hiring of personnel and beginning of a pizzeria we have:

  • Rent or buy the premises.
  • Adaptation of the space.
  • Furniture for the whole restaurant.
  • Computer equipment and software.
  • Kitchen equipment.
  • Initial stock of consumables.
  • Bail bonds.
  • Working capital.
  • Utensils.
  • Dishes.
  • Recruitment of personnel.
  • Advertising and marketing.

It is generally estimated that the budget to open a pizzeria is around 100,000 euros.

Monouso: Elementary ingredient for your pizzas

The budget to open a pizzeria is not something to be taken in hand, so every euro you invest must be well thought out.

In that sense, we present you our online store, Monouso, where you can buy a vast amount of items to support the operation of your business.

To support you in the management of your restaurant, we have a delivery service to the address where you want to receive your order.


Among our product categories, you will find a wide variety of dishes for the restaurant industry, suitable for the business you are about to launch.

Our plates are characterized by their durability and resistance, available in a large number of materials. Without doubt, in our warehouse is the dish where you dream of serving your pizza portions.

The versatility of this product offers comfort, time and money savings.

Cutlery set

With the Monouso cutlery set, you will ensure that your guests have the necessary cutlery at lunchtime. Although the pizza is usually eaten by hand, when the pizza is fresh from the oven the cutlery helps.

In our shop, we have different types of cutlery, made with resistant materials and unbeatable quality.


Ideal for serving soft drinks, iced tea and slush drinks, the glasses we have in our online shop are the solution you are looking for for impeccable and stylish service.

You can find glasses of different sizes and colours that will complement the utensils and decoration of your premises.


The straws are used to facilitate the consumption of the drinks, offering practicality in the service.

You can acquire them in different colors, sizes and materials, and you can present your drinks with the implements that your guests might need.

Boxes and wedges

Pizza boxes offer you the best way to serve and the guarantee of maintaining the quality of the product.

In this section you will also find the wedges, cardboard containers that allow you to move small portions of your pizzas comfortably and safely

Other advantages of using these boxes are that they isolate the temperature outside and keep the heat of the pizza for much longer.

To meet all your needs, our pizza boxes and wedges are available in different sizes and can be customized with your business image.

Take away

The T-shirt bags for pizza boxes are ideal for transporting up to 5 pizza boxes easily and simply.

They are resistant and very useful for transporting pizzas when making a delivery or when customers order their pizzas to go.


Napkins are a hygienic must for the catering and hotel industry. They make it easier for your guests to clean up during service, avoiding the worry of having to get up to wash their hands or get dirty while eating.

Disposable napkins are ideal for this type of business, avoiding the need to wash and iron the cloth napkins.

There is a wide variety of colors and napkin designs available, which you can also customize.


The tablecloths are ideal for protecting and decorating the table.

At Monouso we have a wide variety of materials and designs available that will make your service a functional alternative. In addition to protecting your table, you will add a decorative touch to the place.

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