How to store tea in bulk so that it retains its properties?

Enjoying a good tea, either hot or in its cold summer version, is a real pleasure for our palates. One of the great trends in recent years is to buy tea in bulk, to enjoy all its freshness and flavor. But, how to store the tea in bulk so that it keeps all its properties?

Today in Single-use we want to tell you some tips to help you store your tea in bulk, and that will also serve you to keep in perfect condition the coffee, the seeds, the sugar or the dehydrated herbs. And here’s a preview, one of the best options is to use paper bags for coffee and infusionsHave you ever used them?

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Why buy tea in bulk?

If you are one of those people who enjoys making delicious tea at home, you have certainly had the opportunity to try different flavours, aromas and types of tea. According to the most experts in the field, bulk tea has the ability to retain its properties much better as the leaves retain more of their integrity, which helps them to retain their essential properties.

The problem arises when we have to store it to last for months but we don’t want it to lose its freshness. The essence of a good tea is preserved in the leaves, which must maintain their integrity and must have enough space to move and thus release their flavor and aroma.

Where to keep the bulk tea?

If you want to enjoy all its properties, the best packaging is the paper bags for coffee and tea that you will find in our Monouso website. They are kraft colored and, in addition, they have an interior anti-grease lamination resistant to humidity and air that allows to preserve the leaves in perfect state.

In addition, and in order to know what’s inside at a glance, the bag includes a transparent horizontal window where it shows the interior contents in a subtle way.

Its closure is specially designed with a metal rod that allows a perfect closure. This design allows you to preserve the flavor and quality of the ingredients inside without any air entering them.

Another feature you’ll love is the design, as they stand upright thanks to the flat shape of the bottom even if the interior content is reduced. As we said, they are perfect for packaging and storing food, nuts, tea, coffee capsules, seeds, sugar, dried herbs, bath salts, among others. You can store them in the pantry without any problem because they are lightweight and take up very little space.

Do you also want to enjoy the best tea? Keep it in suitable containers and you will be able to enjoy it like the first day.

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