How to unblock a sink: tricks that don’t fail


Sink clogs are a common household problem, both in the kitchen and in the bathroom. They usually occur when we pour oil, food waste or even hair that collects in the pipes and causes them to clog.

At Monouso we explain how to unblock large sink clogs in two simple steps:

Step 1. Drain the sink

To start working properly, the first thing you have to do is free the pipes from excess water and dirt. To do this, you can help yourself to a basin and disposable gloves to protect you and your home from possible splashes.

Step 2. Clean the drain

Unscrew and remove the drain plug to clean it with a sponge or cloth. Take a look at the pipes to see if there are any blockages that can be removed by hand. When the drain is clean, replace the stopper and check the taps to see if the sink drains properly.

If the problem persists after cleaning the accumulated dirt and the pipes are still not swallowed well, you will have to resort to some of the following solutions.

How to unblock a sink with a funnel

A very common solution is to unblock the sink with a vacuum cleaner:

  • Place the base of the plunger on the stopper and press down firmly.
  • Open the tap for a few seconds with warm water until the funnel is covered with a couple of fingers of water, about 5 centimetres.
  • Then, hold the funnel handle with both hands and pump up and down hard so that there is a suction.

This is a method of unclogging the sink or pipes that is normally effective for minor clogging.

How to unblock a sink with bicarbonate and vinegar

The best thing about this solution is that it is very economical, as these two products are probably at home.

To clear the pipes using this method, first pour a couple of teaspoons of baking soda down the drain and a cup of white vinegar. Then let the mixture sit for about half an hour. Then pour in hot, even boiling, water to clear the blockage.


How to unblock a sink with caustic soda

Caustic soda is a very aggressive product, it can burn the skin or irritate the respiratory tract, so we recommend its use with protective measures such as gloves and mask.

First, pour a cup of caustic soda down the drain. Then, pour two cups of boiling water into the drain. This will dissolve the grease in the pipe. After waiting about fifteen minutes, run the tap water to see if it has been effective.

How to unblock a sink with a wire

If the above tricks do not work, use a flexible wire or cable. Before inserting it through the pipe, you must bend it into a U-shape.

Push the wire down the sink and when you find what is blocking the pipe, move the wire slowly to remove and dislodge the dirt stuck to the pipe.

Take care of your sink and keep the pipes clean

Prevention is better than cure. It is therefore important to maintain cleaning and hygiene measures to prevent the sink from becoming clogged again. Follow these recommendations to keep the drain clean:

  • Do not pour oil or grease into the sink, as the oil-water mixture begins to build up over time. The correct way to dispose of oil is in a clean place inside a plastic container.
  • Throw away food waste before washing the dishes.
  • Prevent hair from falling out. To avoid blockages in the shower, remove the hairs after each use.
  • Place a sieve-like grate to prevent larger pieces of food from reaching the pipes.
  • Clean the sink regularly. To keep the pipes clean you can use the saline solution and boiling water method about once every two months.

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