How to use a beverage stirrer

How to use a beverage stirrer

Although its name may seem to state the obvious in terms of its use, not everyone knows how to use a beverage stirrer.

A drink stirrer is a tool that allows you to make delicious cocktails in a few simple steps. However, there are cocktail recipes that require using the shaker in a special way.

Stirrers are also very useful in the cocktail world as they are an excellent alternative for garnishing drinks.

Take a look at how to use a drink stirrer, its types and under what names you can buy them.

Steps to using a beverage stirrer

The drink stirrer is the instrument that gives the finishing touch to any cocktail, by stirring the ingredients with which the drink was prepared.

First, the non-alcoholic mixture must be prepared. To do this, use a mixing glass or blender. Once ready, it is set aside until serving.

When it is necessary to place an order, take the glass corresponding to the drink ordered by the customer, add some ice -if necessary- and pour the amount of alcohol used in its preparation.

Pour the mixture into the glass with the alcohol and hold the drink stirrer to start stirring.

How do you use the drink stirrer? Very easy.

To improve the aesthetics when you finish your drink, take it using your thumb, index and middle finger. Put it all the way to the bottom of the glass and start stirring in a vertical motion

Although we are used to making circular motions, the correct technique for using the stirrer is vertical motions. That way, we mix the ingredients in the glass

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Remove the drink stirrer you used, place a new one as part of the decoration and hand the drink to the customer with a coaster.

When to use a beverage stirrer

Stirrers are useful for beverages prepared with alcohol or containing alcohol in the majority of their preparation.

Depending on the cocktails, especially sparkling ones, it is preferable to use drink stirrers so that they do not lose their consistency and appearance.

They are also used to prepare drinks in which the ingredients are added one by one. In this way, it is stirred at the end of adding each ingredient and it is ready to drink.

Types of drink stirrers

As one of the important elements in bars and nightclubs,drink stirrers come in different types.

Each of them is manufactured for a specific purpose and a specific audience, as defined by the material they are made of.

Wooden drink stirrers

Wooden drink stirrers are the rightproducts for bars and restaurants that want to offer an environmentally friendly service.

These stirrers are usually biodegradable and do not lose their style, especially when accompanied by decorative elements such as pieces of fruit or umbrellas.

Plastic or methacrylate drink stirrers

Beverage stirrers made of plastic or methacrylate have the widest range of models.

They are resistant, disposable and it is common to find models with different colours, sizes and shapes.

These shakers are usually inexpensive, so you can have different models in your business for each drink you serve.

Metal drink stirrers

Metal stirrers are more professional tools, so they are handled by the bartender in the business.

They are a very good investment because of their durability, quality and being easy to wash for frequent use.

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Fluorescent drink stirrers

Last but not least are the fluorescent drink stirrers. They serve as decoration for drinks in discos, concerts and dark places.

As they are made with bright colours and glow in the dark, they are the main alternative if you are going to host a night party or the bar will be working at a celebration during the night.

What are the names for drink stirrers?

Some shops often confuse drink stirrers with mixing glasses and other bar products.

To avoid confusion and buying the wrong product, it is important to know under which names you can find these items.

In case they confuse the drink stirrer, try asking for drink stirrers, cocktail stirrers, cup stirrers or stirrers.

Quality drink stirrers for your business

If you still don’t have a supplier to buy quality beverage stirrers for your business, I’ll tell you where to buy them, without leaving home and at the best price on the internet.

Monouso, our online shop, has a special section for drink stirrers. In it we offer you several models of stirrers, made of wood and plastic

You can choose between wooden, white, black or coloured drink stirrers. This will be an ideal point to complement the look of the drinks or cocktails you serve.

As for their shapes, you have sober models and other fun ones, so you can use them depending on the occasion your customers are celebrating and the character of the drinks.

To offer you a service of maximum comfort, all orders over 59 € are free of charge.

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