What they are and how to use a buff

What they are and how to use a buff

If you master the ways how to use a buff, without much effort, you will have an accessory that brings you many advantages at any time of the year, no matter what activity you do.

Helping to regulate body temperature, absorb perspiration and protect from wind or dust are just some of the most important benefits of wearing a buff.

Learn the ways to use a buff and make them an everyday item in your life.

What is a buff?

What is a buff?

Buffs are turbans made of microfibre fabric. They are well known for the fact that they are made without any seams.

Their main use is to protect you from the wind or cold winter temperatures. However, they can be used for multiple purposes at any time of the year.

Where do buffs come from?

Where do buffs come from?

The buff was born in 1991, with the need of its creator to have something to protect him from the wind and cold while driving.

At first, buffs were manufactured in a textile factory owned by the creator’s family and were used by his family and friends

However, thanks to the interest of people on the streets of the city, they began to produce them on a large scale and to market them.

In this way, buffs became more and more recognised worldwide, becoming a star product as it is recognised today.

Ways to use a multifunctional buff

Ways to use a multifunctional buff

The tubular shape of the buff allows it to be used as the person wishes.

To give you an idea, take a look at each of the ways to use a buff and wear them on a daily basis.


A cap is the main way to wear a buff on your head.

Take the buff and flip it over so that the unpatterned side shows. Twist the buff in half and fold it over to join the other half.

When you fold, the print will show andyou just need to place it on your head to make it into the shape of a hat.


Using the buff as a scarf is functional for any time of the year.

Just put it on by inserting your head into the buff and leave it around your neck.

No matter what you’re wearing, formal, casual or sportswear; it will be an item that complements your outfit.

Under the helmet

Another use for the head scarf is under your helmet, in case you ride a bicycle or motorbike.

Wear it covering your hair and then put on your helmet. The buff helps to keep your head warm during the winter and absorbs perspiration.

Hair scrunchie

Using it as a hair tie is functional at any time of the year and when doing all kinds of activities.

Just roll it up and twist it as much as you need until your ponytail is firmly in place.

Legionnaire style

Another way to wear a buff is the legionnaire style, ideal for hot and very sunny days.

To wear it this way, you should wear it like a scarf and pull it up until it covers your head and the rest of the buff covers your neck.

Face cover

The face cover buff is perfect to protect you from the cold, dirt or rain.

Wear it as if you were going to use it as a scarf, but take one end and pull it up to cover your nose or mouth.

Headband or headband

As a headband, the buff can be worn all year round, whether your hair is short or long.

You can use it to keep your hair out of your face when playing sports, to cover your ears from the cold, or as an accessory that complements your outfit.

Roll up the buff and place it over your hair – or as if you were going to use it as a scarf – and pull the front part up to the roots of your hair.

Other scarves and head covering products

Otras bufandas y productos para cubrir la cabeza

If you are looking for a scarf or other head covering products for work, you can find options in our Monouso shop.

Within our catalogue you will find disposable hats or chef’s hats, each with the quality required for their use.

Disposable hats are made of materials such as polypropylene and polyethylene, which provide the resistance and durability you expect from this type of product

These caps have different models that cover the hair, include a visor or have anti-slip rubber . They are also available in different colours, shapes and prices.

On the other hand, we offer chef’s hats made of cotton. Among them you will find the classic tall chef’s hat, the pirate or chamois style chef’s hat and the visor and grille chef’s hats.

Each of these models allows your hair to stay tucked in and prevents you from sweating. And best of all, they are easy to wash and dry and can be worn again in a matter of hours

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