How to use disposable allergy masks

There are products that became indispensable as a result of the appearance of Covid-19 or Coronavirus that were already used in other situations such as disposable masks for allergies.

During spring allergies and respiratory conditions are common, plants are pollinated and this activates allergies in a good part of the population.

The use of disposable allergy masks is not as common as you might think, but they are very effective in prevention.

For this reason, we share interesting and up-to-date information on the proper use of masks as a method of avoiding allergies.

What are masks?

Masks are protective instruments that serve to contain the bacteria that come from the nose and mouth.

In addition, they are used to prevent the spread of airborne viruses and the development of allergies due to the entry of external factors into a person’s respiratory tract.

The mouthguards protect the user from the entry of allergens into our body and splashes with body fluids, thus reducing the development of allergic crises or the spread of viruses and bacteria.

Steps for putting on masks

The correct use of masks or mouth guards is necessary to effectively stop the development of allergies during the spring.

To comply with the proper use of disposable allergy masks it is essential to follow the following steps to the letter:

  • Before touching the mask, wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water, rubbing them for 30 seconds before rinsing
  • To dry your hands, use a paper towel and then dispose of it in the container
  • Make sure the mask is in perfect condition, without any breaks or defects. If you identify any imperfections, discard it and look for a new one
  • Mold the top of the mask around your nose before you put it on your face
  • Make sure the right side of the mask is facing out. Remember that the side facing your face is white and the outside can vary in color
  • Make sure your allergy mask is properly fitted

Types of cover plates according to the fixation

There are several types of mouth guards that have different methods of attachment, among which we can mention

  • Banded masks: this type of mask has two elastic bands that are placed towards the back of your head, holding them at the crown and base of the skull.
  • Ear banded masks: these masks have two elastic bands that are placed around each of your ears
  • Masks with loops or straps: they have loops on the top and bottom of the mask, they are placed by adjusting the loops towards the back of the head
  • Once the mask is in place, adjust the nose piece with your index finger and thumb, making sure the mask is securely fastened
  • If you wear a mask with loops, you must make sure you tie it up properly to prevent it from coming loose
  • Finally, be sure to adjust the mask by covering it from nose to chin
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Remember that the dust or pollen particles that generate allergies or common respiratory conditions in spring are microscopic. This reality forces you to use disposable allergy masks correctly.

Removing disposable allergy masks safely

Another important aspect that should be highlighted to protect you from allergies and diseases is the proper way to remove your mask from your face.

In this way, you will ensure your protection and avoid the spread of viruses or bacteria. Here are the steps you should take to safely remove your mask:

  • First, wash your hands with soap and water before removing your allergy mask
  • Touching the edges and very carefully, remove the mask from the back without touching the front of the mask, as it could be contaminated
  • After you take off your allergy mask, throw it away in the trash can. It is advisable to place it in a bag and then discard it. This will make you safer
  • Wash your hands again with soap and water. This step is essential to ensure that you remove any allergens from your hands after discarding the mask

Benefits of wearing disposable allergy masks

The main benefit of wearing masks is to prevent microorganisms from entering your airways.

With this reduction in affection, the spread of respiratory and allergic diseases or exposure to infectious droplets is reduced.

Another benefit of using disposable allergy masks is to prevent the spread of viral infections such as flu or colds from any sick person with whom you have had direct contact.

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By using facemasks, it is possible to contain secretions from the mouth and nose when coughing or sneezing.

Warnings and tips when using these devices

It is important to know the limitations and recommendations for use of disposable allergy masks, so you can optimize their performance.

Mouthguards are made of materials that can coat your nose and mouth with particles such as viruses and bacteria that can be harmful.

However, it is important to note that small particles can penetrate through the openings in the mask as the mask does not seal against the skin.

There is a device similar to the mouthpiece, the N95 respirator, which filters out 95% of airborne particles and fits over the face. This device is not designed for use by children.

This respirator is also not recommended for people with facial hair.

Some N95 respirators have an exhalation valve that allows the user to breathe more easily. This filter allows unfiltered air to escape from the respirator, so it should not be used if a sterile field is required.

For proper use in allergy prevention, coveralls should be worn by one person only, once, and it is recommended to discard them at the end of use.

Where to buy masks or mouthguards for allergies?

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