How to use paperboard molds to bake the best recipes

Baking with paperboard molds is easier than you think, and the result is very delicious.

Imagine this: the big day is coming, maybe a wedding, and you have to bake a lot of cupcakes.

Let’s say you want to make 500 cupcakes. How will you bake them? How will you serve them?

There’s a solution: buy special paperboard cupcake baking tins. These will allow you to bake and serve the cupcakes in an easy and presentable way.

Also, since they are disposable, you will not have to wash these molds. Each guest, once as a cupcake, will only have to put the mold in the trash can. Cool, huh?

Paper baking tins?


Paperboard baking pans are containers or capsules designed for preparing desserts or breads. They are suitable for use in both the oven and the microwave. You can use them to make cupcakes, muffins, pies, cakes, etc.

These moulds are highly resistant to heat, so they do not represent any risk. They will not light or burn while in the oven.

Many of these molds are made from recycled materials. If you care about the environment, they are a great option for you.

They’re a great solution for events of all kinds, like birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, etc. They allow you to prepare and distribute desserts or snacks in large quantities.

Also, since they are disposable, they save you a lot of cleaning work.

They come in packages of several units and are very economical.

The step-by-step approach to preparing desserts

preparación moldes papel cartón

To bake desserts with these molds you don’t need to be an expert. In fact, the procedure is similar to that followed with other types of molds, such as aluminum ones, for example.

Just follow these steps:

  1. Prepare the baking tin. You must smear the inside of the baking pan with oil, butter or mold release spray. Then sprinkle some flour or cocoa on the baking pan, depending on the recipe.
  2. Preheat the oven.
  3. Pour the mixture into them. Just before you put it in the oven, pour the mixture into the tin.
  4. Bake for the indicated time.
  5. Serve in the paper-cardboard or demoulding mould.
  6. Discard the mold once you’re done using it.


  • It is recommended that you prepare the mold for a while before pouring the mixture. That way, the grease will settle well on the surface.
  • When you pour the mixture into the mold, you must do it from the same point. This will allow it to be distributed evenly, filling in the gaps. You can help with a palette or spatula to smooth the surface.
  • Remember to fill the mold up to 2/3 of its capacity, so the mixture will not overflow when it grows.
  • It is important to note that for a better finish, it is sometimes necessary to use paperboard molds along with other molds. Especially when preparing cupcakes, it is good to put the paperboard in another mold made of a more rigid material. This will help to maintain the round shape of these desserts.
  • Before putting the mixture in the oven, knock the mould dry against the worktop. This will allow the large air bubbles to escape, obtaining a more uniform dough without holes.

What can you bake with these paperboard molds?

The cardboard baking tins will help you prepare all kinds of exquisite recipes. In general, you can bake with them:

  • Cupcakes, muffins, cupcakes. Although each one of these desserts looks like the other, they are not the same. However, you can make them with the same cardboard moulds. These are round and usually have a conical and wavy design.
  • Cakes. All kinds of cakes can be made perfectly with these baking tins. They come in a round shape and are not so high.
  • Breads. Some of these moulds have a rectangular shape and are longer than they are wide. With them you can bake different types of bread: baguette, ciabatta, etc. Of course, there are also round baking pans, with which you can bake rye bread, and other similar ones.
  • Other recipes. Many are the recipes that need to spend some time in the oven. These cardboard baking tins can also be used for these recipes.

An excellent presentation

Baking paper moulds usually have an excellent presentation. Thus, not only will they allow you to prepare dessert or bread, but they are also ideal for serving them.

In general, they are very eye-catching and come in different sizes, shapes and colors. Some have microwave paper, which gives them a nice texture.

This way, once the dessert is ready, you don’t have to take it out of the mold. You can take it in the mold to the event, celebration, etc.

If you have a catering, tasting, etc. business, you should buy these molds. You can also serve any kind of sandwiches, small dessert portions, etc. Especially the small moulds, such as those used for cupcakes.

With these molds you can also transport prepared food, such as bread, fruit, etc.

The possibilities are endless, you just have to use your creativity. You can decorate the moulds with edible paint, labels, etc. This way, you can improve the presentation even more. Just remember to make this decoration after taking the mould out of the oven.

Why buy paperboard baking tins?

There are several reasons why you should buy paperboard baking tins. Many of them we have already mentioned. In short, the advantages of these baking tins are:

  • Perfect baking. Desserts and breads baked perfectly.
  • Disposable. You don’t have to clean them.
  • Safe. They won’t burn in the oven.
  • Great presentation. They look spectacular.
  • Easy to use.
  • Cheap. They come in packages of several units and at a fairly affordable price.

At Monouso we have an extensive catalogue of high quality paperboard baking moulds. They allow you to prepare the most delicious desserts or breads, while making cleaning easier.

So, we can’t miss the opportunity to invite you to have a look at our offers in paperboard baking tins.

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