Ideas for decorating a carnival bar: outshine your competition

Ideas carnival decorations

On Thursday evening, the official start of the carnival celebration, a date that means great movement for the hotel and catering sector.

From February 20th onwards, locals and tourists will be ready to enjoy this colourful popular festival. Are you ready to celebrate and fill the tables of customers with a carnival party decoration?

Devising educational and eye-catching activities for this date will guarantee the attendance of customers to your business.

These are some of the ideas to decorate a bar during carnival and achieve the satisfaction of your customers and boost your sales.

Dive into the spirit of the party by decorating your carnival bar

Dive into the carnival spirit

A colourful, cheerful and casual decoration can be achieved by giving prominence to the use of masks, confetti, shiny fabrics and garlands.

To create a fun-filled atmosphere in your business, offer spaces filled with joy, with themes alluding to carnival.

Dress up your staff in costumes and use small replicas for carnival decoration on the tables, glasses and bottles in your business.

Recreate a theme in your business

Carnival theme

Let your imagination fly by recreating, in a small space of your premises, a theme alluding to carnival. The idea is to reinforce the concept of this celebration and offer a different experience to your customers.

Themes such as pirate ships, paradise islands, the house of terror or a faraway western adventure will make your business the best place to celebrate carnival.

Mardi Gras? Fun for everyone!

Costumes for everyone

The most important costume for celebrating carnival is the costume. There are all kinds, sizes and themes.

If you are going to disguise your staff, take into account the comfort they must have to carry out their tasks without inconvenience.

In some cases, the costumes are accompanied by masks that give the final touch to the carnival representation.

Carnival masks to decorate a bar

carnival masks

This complement cannot be missing in the decoration of your business, as it provides an outstanding style according to the chosen theme and can be used in various sizes, shapes and colours.

You can use the masks to decorate the tables, jugs, bottles, the coffee maker, the coffee grinder… But remember that you must decorate and not clutter the whole place with carnival elements.

Carnival garlands

carnival garlands

Other elements used for carnival decoration are paper garlands, simple to make and very colourful.

Decoration can be made by attaching colored ribbons from corner to corner, invisible adhesive tape or small nails.

Garlands are very practical and economical decorative elements to adorn any space.

Fabrics: ideal source of carnival decoration for parties

carnival fabrics

Fabrics are a different option in carnival party decorations that can achieve a colorful and eye-catching atmosphere.

It is not necessary to make a big investment, for this type of carnival decoration you will only need fabric, water and thread.

A little creativity and time to complete this project, you can also use the fabrics to decorate the tables and chairs of your business.

Confetti to decorate bar in carnival


Surprise your customers with an economical, special and colourful way of decorating.

Confetti is used as a complement in the decoration of centerpieces, as it brings a festive touch. The confetti bags can be distributed inside bowls or on the counter to complement the carnival decoration.

Carnival Theme Party Ideas

ideas theme carnival parties

Before the arrival of the carnival, the preparations for this celebration begin, planning in detail the organization of these festivities.

The music, decoration, comparsas, masks and costumes are some of the activities that will be present in these carnival festivities.

However, every year the most important decision of this festivity lies in the choice of the theme.

Among the different options of carnival theme parties we have:

Film festival


The movie party theme is perfect for decorating a bar during carnival time.

Enjoy being a Hollywood movie star for one night. All you need is lights, camera, action and a simple photocall to emulate the great Oscar gala.

Carnival of the 80s

80's party

Holding a party with an 80s theme will cause a sensation among those present.

The carnival of the 80s will be remembered for the variety of options, being able to choose between being a rock star or wearing punk clothing.

Game of Thrones Decoration

GOT party

With this celebration you can take your guests on a tour of the seven kingdoms and remember the most shocking, and disappointing moments of the television series that eclipsed the world for 8 seasons.

With a medieval setting, this themed party evokes the struggle of seven families for the iron throne.

In this type of theme you have to take care of all the details, it is recommended for the decoration to use candlesticks, shields and symbols of the different kingdoms so that the experience is real and unforgettable.

Casino Party


An ideal theme for casino lovers and fans, where games like black jack cannot be missed.

This celebration with a triad of colors defined by the cards is accompanied by roulette, betting and many fun-filled moments.

Each theme has many ideas that aim at showing the audience a good time.

Star Wars: A must for decorating your bar during carnival

Star Wars carnival

The eternal struggle on the dark side of the Jedi force and knights can be an ideal theme. Besides, it will attract the attention of young and old alike.

The costumes of this mythical saga are the main focus of this celebration. To encourage fans of the saga, a costume contest is being held.

The decoration will be framed in a distant galaxy with garlands that will form large colorful constellations.

Pirate Party

pirate party

Dare to live a challenging pirate adventure in the search of the hidden treasure and the discovery of the delicious dishes of your dinner.

With the help of your guests, discover the clues hidden in the treasure map creating an atmosphere of excitement and lots of fun.

The skulls will always be present in the decoration, so don’t be afraid and join this pirate party with great courage.

Alice in Wonderland Carnival

Alice costume party

When the mad hatter appears and the cards fly through the air you will know that the time for celebration has come.

This party will have a somewhat eccentric decoration of hanging cups, wind-up clocks, lots of heart cards and tea cups.

Don’t miss a single detail and let your imagination run wild!

Complete your carnival party decoration

organize a carnival party

Get ready to celebrate and decorate your carnival bar, with the products available in the Monouso online shop.

We have a special section of disposable carnival tableware, the element that will complete your decoration with designs and bright colors that will make your celebration unforgettable.

carnival gif

Colored glasses, hat-shaped containers and colorful jars are some of the options you can acquire to give a unique boost to the decoration of your carnival party.

Purchase Monouso products and become a promoter of this celebration, leaving aside the worry of cleaning or tidying up large mountains of plates, glasses and silverware at the end of the party.

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