Kitchen cleaning: how to maintain hygiene in your professional kitchen


If hygiene and cleanliness is a maxim every time someone enters the kitchen, these precautions must be taken to the extreme when we talk about a professional kitchen.

Kitchen cleanliness should be one of the most important points to pay attention to in the daily work of a catering business: how to clean the kitchen properly, maintain food hygiene and carry out the best cleaning of kitchen utensils is the best way to keep a clientele that is increasingly paying attention to these details.

There are several guidelines and rules established by official bodies and laws concerning kitchens in restaurants, cafes and bars that must be maintained in all businesses of this type.

But, in addition, more and more owners and managers of kitchens open to the public are taking even more precautions to have optimum hygiene in their kitchens.

Rules for keeping clean in a professional kitchen

There are several fundamental points that every good professional in the kitchen must carry out to maintain the hygiene and cleanliness of their workplace.

Firstly, the most important thing is to pay attention to personal hygiene. Washing your hands every time you enter the kitchen or touch different products should be almost an automatic and continuous action.

In addition, professionals in the sector recommend avoiding working with bracelets, rings and other elements that can interact with food and manipulate its taste or damage its quality.


Betting on disposable products

A good way to keep the kitchen clean is to opt for disposable products. Even if it is very clean, wearing a work uniform in the kitchen for several consecutive days only makes the garment dirty.

However, if disposable clothing is used, as well as hair nets, gloves, among others, the image offered to the client is that this place is responsible for cleanliness in all its conditions.

This can also be transferred to the use of tuppers and other storage products that are used as packaging and containers.

In this way, the kitchen professional ensures that they do not accumulate fats, moulds or other pathogens that could damage future meals or even be a health problem.

Tips and tricks to keep the kitchen clean

One of the most frequently asked questions in the hospitality industry is how to clean the worktop. To do this, it is always important to use products specially designed for cleaning in kitchens, which disinfect but are not harmful to the food.

This also applies to the various cutting boards (one for meat, one for fish and one for vegetables and fruit), which must also be impeccable and must be renewed as soon as they lose their original firmness.

Finally, and regarding food, it should not be more than two hours at room temperature, it should not be more than three days if it is already prepared and it should be stored in a refrigerator that is at four degrees.

All of this has a single objective: that the kitchens are clean and no customer can blame the cook. Clean kitchens are synonymous with tasty and appetising menus.

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