Kitchen design: 2020 guide for the best

Kitchen design is one of the most important elements of a restaurant. It is not only aesthetics. A poorly designed space can mean the interruption of the natural flow of a kitchen.

Yes, it’s that important. You can have the best team, an extraordinary menu, the best appliances, and everything will end up messy if the kitchen is not well thought out.

Therefore, having a versatile kitchen design will allow you to satisfy the needs of each client, serve each dish in the shortest time possible and take care of every detail of your preparations.

You must consider many variables when selecting or defining the kitchen design you will use in your restaurant.

Just to mention a few, you must define the type of restaurant and the target audience: two fundamental aspects to determine the service, products and needs that must be covered to offer captivating experiences.

Stay with us and discover everything you need to know to make kitchen design favourable to your business.

Basic elements of kitchen design

Elementos básicos del diseño de cocina

To achieve an ideal kitchen design, it is necessary to have a series of elements that, when combined, will have the capacity to increase productivity and guarantee the creation of an optimal space to prepare your dishes.

Among the elements to consider when creating and designing a kitchen we have



The design of your kitchen must be well defined. One of your objectives is to make the most of every centimeter of space available for installation and operation. Therefore, it is necessary to establish the exact measurements of the area.

This will allow you to determine the distribution of the appliances, furniture and the different work areas you will have in your kitchen.

By making a detailed plan of the whole space you will avoid improvisation, the main enemy of any process that must be well executed.



When we start a project, which includes kitchen design, it is important to define the right color.

Having the ideal color will offer you great advantages. You can offer a feeling of more space and create a relaxed atmosphere, for example.

You have the infinite range of colours at your disposal.

These different color shades help to achieve an environment that not only favors the concept of your business, but also allows you to maintain the style and decoration.

Let’s look at some of the color styles you can employ in your kitchen design.

Classic style colours

The classic style colours used for kitchen design are black, white and grey. By using these shades, we encourage symmetry and maximize the space we have available.

Including elements such as acrylic and glass in the design brings a touch of freshness and fluidity to your kitchen.

Rustic colours

Warm and bright colours such as orange, red and yellow have the characteristic of arousing the appetite of the diners by providing the leading role in the decision to use these colours.

Combining warm colours with shades of blue, green and purple will bring shades of serenity and harmony to kitchen design.

In addition, the selection of this type of colors will give you the opportunity to include elements of nature in your decoration. These elements will offer a different experience in an environment, giving freshness and life to every corner.

Earth colours

Earth colours are ideal for the design and decoration of Scandinavian-style kitchens.

Shades such as coffee, beige, chestnut and brown are used to maintain the qualities of a natural environment, where it combines perfectly with materials such as stone and wood.

General decoration

Decoraci├│n general

The decoration depends on the style and colors you choose to continue the kitchen design project.

The decoration helps you project the basic concept of your business. Also, it brings more personality to the place.

It is one of the most important aspects in any business in the catering sector.



Lighting is a very important element in a restaurant’s kitchen design.

Its correct use must guarantee -both during the day and at night- a clear vision for each sector of the kitchen.

With the right lighting, all the kitchen staff will be able to see details related to your preparations such as the measurements, the ingredients and the preparation process of each one.



There are restaurants that smell great, we must admit. Just by opening their doors, we know we’re going to taste incredible dishes.

However, the smell of your restaurant can be an element that plays in favor or against your company.

Having adequate ventilation allows you to expel odors from food preparation from the restaurant.

This process will avoid that the smells coming from your kitchen, lodge or impregnate the clothes of the diner.

Ventilation also allows air to circulate, preventing illness.

What kind of kitchen design can you have in your restaurant?

Qu├ę tipo dise├▒o de cocina puedes tener en tu restaurante

The kitchen design can have several variants framed in the style of the business.

Regardless of the type of design you select, you can create pleasant, versatile and welcoming spaces that will help you provide a different experience for your customers.

This experience is based on recognizing the customer’s needs, so you can satisfy them to achieve their preference and recognition.

Next, we will mention the different types of kitchen design that you can use in your restaurant.



The style of modern cuisine is defined by three fundamental characteristics

  • Personality.
  • Practicality.
  • Comfort.

With this element you will maintain a minimalist and elegant concept without leaving aside a modern decorative aesthetic.

In the decoration of this type of kitchen, the furniture has simple and defined lines.

Often, surfaces are used are for the aesthetics of the business made of steel with wooden covers.

Rustic kitchens

Cocinas r├║sticas

If the kitchen style of your business is rustic, the design must be maintained.

Create environments with natural finishes in combination with tiles of different colors and patterns.

The tiles can also be used to cover the cabinets, so you can give a special finish to the decoration.



Many people make the maxim “less is more” their own.

When we select a minimalist kitchen design, the colour palette moves between neutral and white in each kitchen element. These colors will give us a feeling of spaciousness, no matter what size the kitchen is.

Using materials such as stone, quartz or marble in the covers will give a sophisticated and elegant look to your kitchen.

Industrial style

Estilo industrial

The main characteristic of the industrial style kitchen design is the presence of metallic surfaces.

This space contemplates the practicality and lightness of the minimalist style. In its design predominates colors like: white and ivory that contribute amplitude to the spaces.

The industrial style design can be complemented with touches of colour that provide contrasts offering a sophisticated and elegant decoration.

Kitchen layout

Distribuci├│n de la cocina

As we told you at the beginning of this article, kitchen design is essential to ensure the flow of all your staff

This is where the distribution of space and the way in which you will place each element comes into play.

The layout in the kitchen will depend on the space and the versatility in its use. Among the various options for the distribution of the kitchen we have:

Kitchen in line

Cocina en l├şnea

The online kitchen design is a simple and economical layout. Because of its simplicity, it is one of the most used in restaurants.

It usually occupies a linear wall in small spaces.


Forma de L

This distribution has two sides that are connected by a corner.

It is customary to use this layout to locate work implements on one side and use it as a work area on the other.

In this way, you will maximize the use of space, with a 100% functional kitchen.

U-shaped kitchen

Cocina en U

It is an ideal type of layout for small spaces where we must design a kitchen, but the meters are not on our side.

In addition to making good use of space, we will have a functional kitchen with the necessary equipment to do the job in the best possible way.

C-shaped kitchen design

Dise├▒o de cocina en forma de C

They occupy three walls of the room. With this distribution it is possible to combine the kitchen with the dining room.

The free area is used to place furniture, shelves and appliances.

Kitchen with island

Cocina con isla

The kitchen island design integrates a piece of furniture in the center of the room.

This piece of furniture, known as an island, is used to store utensils, pots and pans, and wine, among other uses.

Usually, the central island is used to install the stove and the extractor hood that we buy.

This distribution is used in square or rectangular spaces of great amplitude.

Tables and their types

Mesones y sus tipos

Another option for kitchen design is the countertops.

These types of structures are very useful, they will help you in every step during the preparation of your dishes.

They must be resistant, easy to clean and can be made with different materials.

Among the different types of inns available we have:



These types of surfaces are resistant and offer long durability.

Marble countertops are usually easy to clean and do not absorb any substances.

It is an expensive material that in the long term represents an excellent investment.

Kitchen design with polished concrete countertops

Polished concrete countertops are low cost and easy to replace.

This type of worktop is durable, highly resistant and easy to maintain.



Melamine counters are highly resistant to high temperatures.

Usually, this material is used in design and decoration with a minimalist style.

Granite in kitchen design

El granito en el dise├▒o de cocina

The granite counters offer a finish that can be adapted, with great ease, to the needs of your restaurant.

It is the second most used material for the elaboration of worktops.

Granite in the kitchen stands out for its durability, great variety of colours and styles.



Wooden worktops bring distinction to kitchen design and resist high and low temperatures.

The disadvantage of using this type of material is its high cost and that as time goes by it tends to deteriorate.

If you opt for this type of material you must perform the necessary maintenance and follow the recommendations of the carpenter.



The floor of your kitchen is the support of the whole operation. Choose a material that is resistant to the type of use it will be given.

It is common to use materials such as cement, tile and wood to make the ideal kitchen floor.

For the safety of your cooking equipment, non-slip surfaces are used on your kitchen floor



Another proposal for the elaboration of inns is the use of natural materials such as wood or stone.

They are easy to clean and maintain and are usually the preferred ones to achieve a decoration that can include different designs and textures.

The idea is to use a material that provides a lasting aesthetic touch, ideal for an environment such as a restaurant kitchen.

Shapes to optimize kitchen design in small spaces

Formas para optimizar el dise├▒o de cocina en espacios peque├▒os

There are several ways to optimize the kitchen design in small spaces to recreate a suitable workplace.

Among the ways to gain more space we can mention

  • Using sliding doors is an ideal way to gain more space.
  • Benefit from the height of the walls for the installation of cabinets. Making this decision will help you multiply the storage capacity of your business.
  • Select colors with light tones for the interior space of the kitchen. As we mentioned, it creates a feeling of having more space.
  • Use small appliances to make the most of the space.

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