Making rice in a bamboo steamer

There are preparations that we often do not know exist, such as making rice in a bamboo steamer.

The bamboo steamer is one of the best tools you can have in your kitchen.

Thanks to it, you can cook healthy, any food, by means of steam.

steamed rice

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  • 3 cups of rice
  • 3 cups of water
  • Salt

We put the three cups of rice in a clean bowl and wash it under the tap. It uses running water at room temperature.

We repeat the process until the water becomes whitish. That means he’s lost the surface starch.

For two or three hours, we leave the rice submerged in water. If you can leave it longer, it’s okay.

We cover the inside of the bamboo steamer with a cotton cloth that allows the free passage of water vapor.

You can also cover it with banana leaves, cabbage or any large vegetable. The idea is to keep the rice inside the steamer.

We drain the rice and place it, evenly, into the steamer.

We set up a wok in the kitchen and put in our three cups of water. When it starts to boil, we lower the flame a little and put the steamer in the wok.

The secret is not to neglect the cooking of the rice. That is, every so often you check that everything is fine with the water and where the cooking is.

When the rice is at the point you like it, which will take about 30 minutes of cooking, remove the steamer from the wok.

We take the rice out of the steamer, serve it directly on our own or bring it to the table in a bowl.

The bamboo steamer brings great personality to the kitchen. Therefore, you can take the rice to the table in the steamer. You’ll see the surprise on your diners’ faces.

white rice cooked in a bamboo steamer

Clean after every use…

white rice

Remember that after using the steamer, you must comply with the basic care for bamboo steamers.

Cleaning and storing it correctly will extend the life of your bamboo steamer.

Finally, we invite you to watch a video from the Japanese cuisine channel, where you will see the step-by-step process of making rice in a bamboo steamer.

YouTube video

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