Messages on paper napkins, how to surprise your customers

messages paper napkins

If you want to surprise and captivate your customers, remember that small details make a difference and a good way to do this is by using messages on paper napkins. Offering paper napkins with creative, fun and unique phrases will make the wait more pleasant for diners, who may even feel identified and more in tune with your business.

The truth is that, believe it or not, these simple details make your business more attractive and are effective in building customer loyalty. In this article you will find some ideas of phrases written on napkins that will inspire you to use this original strategy. Join us as we want to tell you more about it.

What kind of paper napkins with messages can you offer in your catering business?

Offering catering napkins with phrases will undoubtedly make a difference and the truth is that a demanding customer looks at this type of detail when choosing a venue. Napkins with phrases make diners feel more comfortable, an essential objective that you can achieve through the following options:

Paper Napkins Sulphite "Miniservis" White

Paper Napkins Sulphite "Miniservis" WhiteView more

This type of napkins are designed so that you can add them to your usual napkin holder, but with the extra value of incorporating a motivational phrase that will accompany your clients’ coffee or lunch sessions. Don’t know how to give a different touch to your classic napkin holder? You have found the answer.

In addition to the phrase that you can read in the photo, this pack includes an assortment of napkins with different phrases, so you will be constantly surprising your customers.

Paper Napkins Sulphite "Miniservis" Kraft

Paper Napkins Sulphite "Miniservis" KraftView more

You don’t want to give up the eco-friendliness of your business by presenting your customers with these napkins with phrases? Just by looking at the image, you will see that originality and natural aesthetics are not at odds at all.

Paper Napkin Miniservis "Hobbie"

Paper Napkin Miniservis "Hobbie"View more

Because messages are not only sent through sentences. Through these sudokus and crosswords you are not only entertaining your customers, but you are also conveying an image of a dynamic and fun business.

What if your restaurant is family-friendly and welcomes children all the time? Then you’ve definitely found the right napkin template for you.

Paper Napkin Double Point "Buen Provecho"

Paper Napkin Double Point "Buen Provecho"View more

In case you were wondering, the great classics also have their place in the world of paper napkins with messages. But beware: the concepts classic and typical are not synonymous, and the model of this paper napkin buen provecho is the best example of this.

If you like the concept but you also use your napkins as cutlery holders, no problem. At Monouso you also have at your disposal napkins for cutlery holders made of buen provecho paper.

Examples of messages and phrases for paper napkins

Here are some examples of messages on paper bar napkins for reference.

Sentences on paper napkins
  • Take care of yourself in a delicious way. This phrase works perfectly for businesses specialising in light foods.
  • You can’t please everyone, you’re not chocolate. Funny phrases like this are sure to bring a smile to the customer’s face.
  • We live on earth as if we have another one to go to. A sobering message that will encourage reflection on how we treat our environment.
  • Today I eat the world. Include motivational messages that will certainly make your clientele feel good.
  • If we are what we eat, we are a delicacy. Funny phrases that suggest how good the food is in your restaurant.
  • Size does matter, no one likes to drink coffee in small cups. Quotes with a touch of mischievousness tend to go down well with customers.
  • The eyes kiss long before the mouth… and they do the same with food. The personalisation of this phrase is very popular with the public.
  • There is no more sincere love than the love of food. Ironic phrase but at the same time with an ideal message for a food business.
  • You can’t buy happiness, but you can buy cupcakes, which is the same thing. With this provocative phrase the customer is likely to be happy ordering that tasty dessert he saw on your menu.
  • He always thinks that something wonderful is about to happen. Customers like nothing better than to read positive phrases that generate good energy in the reader.
  • It’s not how I feel about you, it’s how I don’t feel about anyone else. You can also choose to print famous quotes from famous people, such as the one in the example above, which belongs to the poet Jaime Sabines.

Where can you find the best original paper napkins?

After knowing all this information, you will surely want to join the many catering businesses that already incorporate phrases and completely new designs on paper napkins, as this way you will be showing your customers the interest you have in making their stay in your establishment as pleasant as possible in every detail.

In Monouso we have for you a whole section with decorated paper napkins, where in addition to napkins with phrases, you can find napkins with prints, coloured napkins or napkins with patterns. Remember that we are suppliers for the hospitality sector and we take care of every detail, from the designs to the quality of our products.

Don’t forget that among our selection of napkins you will also find different sizes and other useful utensils such as napkin holders or cutlery holders designed to match some models, take a look at them to finish decorating your establishment.

If you don’t want to fall behind the competition, including messages on paper napkins is the best option for your café, bar or restaurant. Get inspired by all the phrases we have pointed out in the post and start thinking about the ones you want for your business.

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