Which molds can be baked in the oven?

┬┐Qu├ę envases se pueden meter al horno?

There are a variety of baking pans that differ in materials, shapes or sizes, but they all have in common the guarantee of an excellent cooking of food.

Packaging in the oven

Packaging in the oven

However, there are molds that can be put in the oven made of materials other than metal.


Aluminum baking pans are a classic choice for baking food.

These pans or trays allow food to cook quickly, as aluminum is a material that absorbs heat quickly and distributes it throughout the pan.

However, you must handle them carefully so as not to dent them. Another aspect you have to keep in mind is that it is not wise to cut directly into the mold so that they do not have scratches.

Stainless steel

Other molds that can be put in the oven are stainless steel molds. These molds guarantee a higher resistance than the aluminum ones.

They are molds that are not damaged when they are hit because they are a hard material, but this quality causes them to heat up slowly and the heat is not distributed quickly throughout the mold.


Baking pans made of tinplate are not as widely used today, except for cooks who use them for baking certain foods.

Tinplate is a material that allows the uniform cooking of food, but its washing and maintenance is complex to perform.


Porcelain is a material that must go through certain processes to turn it into molds to put in the kiln.

If you purchase a porcelain mold that has been vitrified, it is safe to use when baking. Otherwise, it will not withstand the temperature and will crack.

Porcelain pans are an option that cooks food well and guarantees you a good image of the baked product, without having to unmold.


A similar situation occurs with porcelain molds. Glass is considered oven safe as long as it is tempered.

If you place a regular glass mold in the oven, the thermal shock will cause it to burst.


Silicone molds offeryou multiple advantages when baking.

You must take into account that the molds withstand the right temperatures for the recipes you are going to bake and do not distribute heat as well as metal.

The best thing about silicone molds is that baked goods are not difficult to unmold, they are easy to wash and they make them in eye-catching shapes.


Plates or trays are molds to put in the oven when baking breads, cookies or pastries.

They are flat and that allows the heat to be distributed along the length. Depending on the pan you buy – with non-stick or not – it will be easier or harder to wash.

Another option is to place baking paper over the tray, it makes it easierfor you to bake the food and clean the tray.

Tips for selecting ideal containers to use in the oven

Tips for selecting ideal containers for use in the oven

When looking at which molds can be put in the oven and which cannot, there are important factors beyond the material.

One of the details to consider is the type of oven you have. It doesn’t matter if your oven is electric, gas or steam, they can all use the same molds.

But, if it is electric, it is recommended to use perforated trays so that the foods that release juices have a better cooking.

Another important point is that dark baking pans tend to absorb and distribute heat better than light pans.

This means that, in order for the recipe not to burn, you must have constant control over the baking and the temperature of the oven.

Finally, it is necessary to emphasize that the plates provide a faster and more homogeneous cooking, unlike the deep baking pans.

Types of molds you should know

Types of moulds you need to know about

Depending on the food you are going to bake, there is a type of pan suitable for baking in the oven.

Each of these pans help provide the specific baking required for each recipe and will not be ruined by using an inappropriate pan.


Classic baking pans are those that are usually round or square.

These molds are used to bake cakes and are available in different sizes.

Cupcake molds

Cupcake pans have indentations to place the paper cups, pour in the batter and wait for the muffins, cupcackes or cupcakes to bake.

The indentation of these molds also allows you to bake tartlets or make baskets with shortcrust pastry.

These molds are available in stores with different sizes, according to the recipe you are going to elaborate or the most versatile option to use.


Another type of molds to put in the oven are the removable ones. This mold model allows you to remove the bottom or the side ring it has, to bake cakes or larger cakes.

It is common to get the removable molds of circular shape, but models and sizes vary according to their use.

Plum cake

Plum cake pans are an alternative for baking products such as breads, loaf cakes or cupcakes.

It differs from the rest of the molds for being rectangular, reaching a length of 25 centimeters or more and being deep.

Adjustable ring

Adjustable hoops work for the preparation of cold cakes and pies, provided that a tray is used as a base.

You can adapt them to the measurements you need and just place a tray under the ring to pour the mixture or assemble the dessert inside the ring.

Ideal containers to put in the oven

Ideal packaging for baking in the oven

If you are in search of molds to put in the oven and have excellent results in cooking food, in our Monouso store we have a special selection for you.

Within our menu we offer various aluminum baking pans. These molds withstand the high temperatures to which they are subjected in the oven and distribute the heat for a good cooking of food.

They are disposable aluminum molds for baking that have different shapes, as well as they are also dedicated to the baking of specific products such as cakes, pies, cakes, biscuits, custards or cupcakes.

If you have a mold for cupcakes, the Paper Cup cake Baking Capsules are the missing object to prepare them.

With these paper capsules, the baking of the cupcakes will be homogeneous and will make it easier for you to unmold them when they have finished their time in the oven.

Also, you can get them in a variety of colors so that they have the best presentation when they come out of the oven.

Another star product are the cardboard paper baking pans are an alternative that can not be discarded.

These molds are made of kraft paper, which guarantees their resistance and support of the high temperatures used during baking in the oven.

After baking, the food is easy to unmold and will not lose the shape of the mold.

Finally, you have the wooden trays. These trays can be used as presentation platters for the food you baked.

The best thing is that you can put them in the oven to preserve the temperature of the food and the wood will not burn from the heat.


What types of containers can be baked in the oven?

Aluminum, stainless steel, tinplate, porcelain, glass, silicone and plates.

How to choose the ideal container to use in the oven?

It is preferable to use perforated trays.
Dark-colored pans absorb and distribute heat better.
Plates provide faster and more homogeneous baking.

What are the most common molds?

The classic ones, the cupcake pans, the removable ones, the plum cake pan and the adjustable ring.

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