What are the new business models for the hospitality industry in 2022?

The hotel and catering industry is one of the sectors that is constantly innovating nowadays. It is becoming increasingly common to find new models of hospitality business. Although, as with everything in life, it is a question of trying out different variables of models and seeing which ones work and which ones are a blunder.

The 3 new business models in the hospitality industry

Within these innovations, we can highlight 3 models that are currently gaining greater consumer acceptance.


Before the pandemic, many businesses used this model but, with the appearance of COVID-19, many decided to introduce it, and a large part of their sales now come from this channel.

Delivery consists of the business sending the order to the place specified by the customer. This point can be the establishment itself, the customer’s home or anywhere else.

To be able to use this model, it is enough to make ourselves known through the internet. We can use the business’ own social networks or use platforms such as “Just Eat”, “Uber Eats” or “Glovo”, among others.

After completing a few simple steps, such as publishing the menu of the establishment and contact details (in case you want to place an order with your business), we can start our project.

Afterwards, all we have to do is wait for the orders to arrive either by phone or via notifications on the electronic device where we have installed these applications.

As a recommendation, it will be well received by consumers some detail that makes a difference, increasing the likelihood that consumers repeat an order in that business. It is also advisable to ask customers to leave their rating, opinion or review of their order, in order to improve on those “weak” points.

Food truck

Surely at concerts, markets or any event you have attended, you will have seen a van where food is prepared and sold inside. These are known as gastronetas or food trucks and are currently in their golden age.

This is one of the most common models in America and has arrived in Europe in full expansion. In order to use this type of model, it is necessary to have a suitable truck to be able to offer food and drinks, as well as to pass some tests that certify that it is a suitable place for handling food.

Show Cooking

For the owners of catering businesses, it is considered to be a model with a great boom this year. For customers, it is a gastronomic experience that is all the rage right now.

It is based on a model where customers can see how one or more dishes on the menu are prepared, making them direct spectators of the preparation of a particular dish.

As an advantage, this model can be carried out in several locations and does not have to be developed exclusively in restaurants.

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