New professions in the hospitality sector in 2023

New professions for 2023 are making their arrival in the hospitality sector. Technology is driving this change. Today we are already talking about artificial intelligence, robots and NFT applied to the improvement of the hospitality sector.

With the incursion of technological innovations in almost everything, this sector has not been left out of the transformation. On the contrary, it is learning very quickly all that the digital age can do to improve business.

We will introduce you to the new professions for 2023 that you will need depending on the characteristics of the bar or restaurant you run. They come hand in hand with very useful tools to take your hospitality business to the highest level.

Discover the new professions for 2023 for the hospitality sector

These new professions for 2023 came with technology, but also because of the need to renew the sector. The aim of adopting them is to show a modernised hospitality industry that brings new forms of service.

Each of these professions makes its contribution to the business. The specialists in these areas must be chosen according to the specific requirements of each bar or restaurant.

The scope of each of them is very diverse and caters to different areas. Some of them are:

Chief metaverse officer

This profession will start to be seen more and more in all areas of business. A person in charge of looking after the user’s experience with the brand.

  • They will take into account the digital strategy of the business.
  • They will analyse how both staff and consumers relate to it. The metaverse is growing and customer interaction can take place in both real and virtual space.

Food printing technicians and programmers

With the arrival of 3D printing in food, it will be very useful to have a specialist in the field. Food printing technicians are in charge of creating new versions of food and original dishes for diners.

Programming specialists are involved in a variety of areas. Robotics for customer service and virtual restaurants for placing an order are examples of what these professionals can contribute to the sector.

Chefs specialising in international food

The Internet and globalisation allow us to learn about the food customs of any part of the world. Customers can order international cuisine or it can be offered to have a differentiating element from the competitors.


Biotechnology and quality control of foodstuffs is a requirement nowadays. It will be necessary to collaborate with a professional to check the good state and quality of the raw material used to prepare each dish.

Content creators

The importance of websites, social media and e-commerce is growing nowadays. Content creators are a group of professionals from different areas. Copywriters, designers and SEO specialists are some of them.

The professions for 2023 are clear. They arise from the technology that has completely immersed itself to renew the hospitality sector. It will be necessary to keep pace with them in order not to be left out of today’s demanding market.

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