How to open a hotel accommodation?

Whether you want to openopen a hotel accommodation, or a Vegas style accommodation, you will need a lot of research, planning and evaluation of different factors; here you will find the most selective information that will guide you to undertake a project that, although ambitious, can be quite profitable.

Aspects to consider when opening a hotel

Among the economic of the economic sectors with the greatest potential, tourism undoubtedly stands out sources of employment that it is capable of generating, investing in the sector can translate into translate into substantial economic rewards.

Of the available options for participation, opening a hotel represents a great alternative, as it is a model that is not only capable of generating income through the accommodation of customers, but also for concepts of restaurants, bars, shops and more, all depending on the multiple services offered to visitors.

However, for this to happen, it will be necessary to follow a good strategy that will influence the success of your project; due to the competitive edge, opening a hotel requires study and research, the idea is to offer an attractive place that captivates the customer and builds customer loyalty, with an excellent proposal that stands out from the rest.

What to consider before opening a hotel?

The first step will be to make a business plan route, especially if the project requires initial external financial backing initial external financial backing; in this sense, the presence of a professional professional becomes a great ally.

This should include both the vision, the service you want to offer and long-term objectives, as well as the most detailed market analysis and operational procedures scheme attractive enough to get the capital injection.

Type of accommodation and location

The next step is to define the type of accommodation you intend to offer, the needs and ambitions of a luxury hotel will not be the same needs and ambitions of a luxury hotel will not be the same as those of a hostel or aparthotel the needs and ambitions of a luxury hotel will not be the same as those of a hostel or aparthotel services to be provided, i.e., if it will include swimming pool, restaurant, bar, gym, spa, conference room, casino, among others conference room, casino, among others.

As far aslocation is concerned, opting for big cities with many tourist attractions has in its favour the influx of visitors throughout the year, but against it a fairly strong level of competition, hence the need to open a hotel translates into the need to bring something new to the table.

Permits and licences

Every business, within the legal framework, must have the necessary licences and permits for its operation; in the case of the hotel sector, the licence and tax identification number must be requested.

In the same way, to open a hotel it is essential, at least the civil liability insurance and ensure compliance with the requirements of additional permits requested by the city or town in which the business will be established, among the most prominent are:

  • Licence Manager for the reception manager
  • Food and alcoholic beverage and alcoholic beverages
  • Gaming licences, in the case of if a casino is to be included
  • Additional licences for services such as spa, swimming pool, beauty treatments, saunas, among others.


As the idea is to to propose an alternative that stands out, to modernise and to make the image of the the image of the infrastructure in which the hotel will operate becomes elementary; from taking care of the correct functioning of the plumbing and electricity, to telephone communication and internet connection.

On the other hand, it is a good idea to have an interior design company do the decorating– after all, they have the expertise to help with the selection of colours for walls, floors, foyer, bedrooms, common areas, and even carpets, curtains and bedding.


There is no good business that does not have adequate publicity; although having the backing of travel agencies and national agencies and national reservation systems is already a win-win situation is already a gain, nowadays the presence in the online world is decisive.

In this respect, you will achieve a greater reach through a professional, attractive and modern website, adapted to new technologies, modern and adapted to new technologies, in which the users can make their reverses without major setbacks.

Study the competition

Although the points mentioned above are of great importance, when opening a hotel there is a decisive step to be taken. What? Studying the most direct competition; by analysing what the titans of the sector are doing, you will gain access to what really works, which translates into the possibility of avoiding making mistakes

It is not about imitating, but rather soaking up the history, structure and working methodology of the work in function of what it is intended to offer.

Tips and warnings that few reveal when opening a hotel:

An excellent way to way to get into the hotel niche is to buy a franchise, in addition to being less expensive – compared to being less expensive – as compared to starting from scratch – the only thing it requires is the payment of the annual franchise fee.

On the other hand, it is important to emphasise the importance of all hired personnel having the work permits required by law, in addition to remembering the likelihood of not seeing a significant return on the financial investment during the first few years, or downturns in the country’s economy.

In view of this, it is recommended to have promotional plans that promote customer traffic, as well as a “financial cushion” to serve as a safety net in case of downturns

The bottom line..

Opening a hotel can be daunting, but with the right business plan, the right advice and a well-thought-out business strategy, the chances of success are pretty good– after all, you’re investing in one of today’s most profitable financial sectors.

Delimiting the type of hotel you want to open, getting a good location, applying for permits and licenses, remodelling if necessary and investing in advertising, are the aspects that must be taken care of.

We hope we at Monouso have given you some good advice. If tomorrow you decide to open a hotel business, we will be happy to be one of your suppliers

Good luck!


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