Paper and food film

descubre más sobre el papel y film alimentario

In the hotel world, food paper and film are infallible for storing and transporting food without losing its temperature. Although it may seem basic, it is essential to maintain the quality and excellence of the products offered.

What is food grade paper and film?

Paper and food film are products that have been designed to preserve, present and contain any type of food. It can also be presented as a transparent packaging that covers food and ensures its preservation. It also facilitates the preservation of all types of food so that it reaches its destination in good condition.

Types of paper and food film

Considering the wide variety of uses that can be given to a paper and food film, it is necessary to know all the types available. After all, it is likely that the right one is not being used according to the real needs. This can vary due to various factors such as the type of food, weight, temperature…

PVC food film reels

These reels are characterized by their resistance and quality. In addition, they are ideal for wrapping food containers, trays and complete plates.

Food grade aluminum reels

The composition of these reels consists of aluminum and cellulose, which is the optimal material for food packaging. It is usually the most suitable for preserving deli foods.

Manila Paper Rolls

These reels have more flexible characteristics and are also useful for preserving and transporting deli foods such as ham and cheese.

Manila Paper Reams

This presentation of manila paper maintains the qualities of the reels and facilitates the use in foods that require wrapping, such as bread.

Silicone baking paper

Ideal for higher temperatures or cooking food in the oven, it can also be used to preserve food temperatures.

Fast Food Paper

Its main feature is the greaseproof material it has, either to wrap foods that include fats or sauces.

Paper cones for fried foods

Like Fast Food paper, they are used for fatty foods such as churros and French fries. Cones facilitate the presentation of these foods.

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