Paper bags for the hospitality industry

ventajas de las bolsas de papel para hosteleria

For some time now, paper bags for the hospitality industry have become a great investment. Apparently, this is because the hospitality industry has opted to include recyclable or disposable bags that do not pollute the environment.

What kind of paper bags for the hospitality industry can we find?

Paper bags for the hospitality industry can vary in shape and size according to their use. However, it is important to highlight that most of them are made of ” kraftpaper”. Likewise, regardless of their shape or size, their advantages include the following:

  • Being recyclable and reusable.
  • They can be customized.
  • Having a good quality-price ratio.

In addition, in case of creating or promoting a brand, they help to popularize it. In the case of catering establishments, the most common types of paper bags can be:

Paper bags with handles

Kraft paper bags, colored or totally white, with sizes and capacities that may vary according to use. As for their grip or ASA, it is resistant, with protectors capable of taking care of the hands. They are also customizable.

Paper bags without handle

Ideal for the food and catering industry. These paper bags without handle are recyclable, resistant, renewable and reusable. As for their sizes and capacities, they can vary depending on the case. They are available in white and kraft colors.

Paper zipper bags and Doypack bags

Perfect for bulk food. Thanks to the quality of the kraft paper and its hygienic and safe closures, any food stored in them will be well protected.

It is worth mentioning that the paper bags with zipper or doypack (easy open) can also come in white or kraft color. Also, sizes and capacities vary according to their use.

American paper bags with gusset

American paper bags are the most common. They are known for their typical rectangular base and large volume depth. In most cases, these bags are used to transport food or medicine. However, they are versatile and resistant.

Hexagonal Base Paper Bags

Ideal for home deliveries or transporting fruits and vegetables. The paper bags with hexagonal base have a large capacity and resistance, in addition, they are recyclable.

Bakery, sandwich and pastry paper bags

Paper bags for bakery, sandwiches and pastries are perfect for storing products just out of the oven. They are available in different sizes, colors and prints.

Paper bags for hamburgers and greaseproof fries

Closed and open, white, kraft colored or printed. Paper bags for hamburgers and fries stand out for being greaseproof, ideal for safe transportation.

Paper coffee bags with transparent window

Paper coffee bags and those with transparent windows are versatile, practical, eco-friendly and reusable. In addition, their sizes vary according to their use, and they can be printed, white or kraft colored.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is it important to use paper bags?

Because the material they are made of is recyclable, which reduces the environmental impact.

What is the real use of paper bags?

They can be used in more than 100 occasions. In the home, at the market, for rubbish, for flower pots, for storing books, among others.

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