Paper bags What makes them so charming in 2021?

Paper bags What makes them so lovely in 2020?

In the year 1850, the first version of the paper bag was manufactured, the American american Francis Wolle was at the forefront of the creation of this innovative means of transporting all kinds of products.

As the years went by, people like Margaret Knight managed to make improvements in the improvements in the design, until they arrived at the model of paper bags that we know today.

From their conception, paper bags began to gain market share, a slow and measured advance market share, a slow and measured advance.

But from 1930 onwards, a new turn of events took place, when many shops began to offer their customers paper bags as a vehicle for carrying their purchases to carry their purchases.

Let’s take a look at the benefits of using paper bags in your business business, including lower operating costs. As you know, paper bags are paper bags are cheaper than plastic bags.

Where do eco-friendly paper bags come from?

De d├│nde provienen las bolsas de papel ecol├│gicas

Trees that grow quickly, such as conifers or myrtaceae, are used to make paper bags coniferous or myrtaceous species are used to make paper bags.

These include eucalyptus eucalyptus and pine trees, which are faster growing than other types of trees trees, as opposed to other types.

These species renew themselves over time and, after being felled for their raw material, they grow back quickly their raw material, they grow back quickly.

One of the most important characteristics of these species is that they absorb much more CO2 than any other species cO2 than any other, so using these trees to make paper bags is a way to help the environment trees for the manufacture of paper bags is a way to help the environment the environment.

Advantages of using paper bags in your business

Ventajas de utilizar bolsas de papel en tu negocio

If you want to change your lifestyle or that of your business, using paper bags is the paper bags is the way you need to start walking.

In addition, there are many other benefits you will get from paper bags, so read on to understand what these benefits are paper bags, so read on to understand that these bags are your best option option.

They reduce CO2 emissions

Disminuyen las emisiones de CO2

As you read before, the trees from which paper bags are made absorb carbon dioxide found in the atmosphere absorb carbon dioxide found in the atmosphere.

As trees are cut down, they are reforested, which means that we can have forests with lush trees for much longer. At the same time, they help clean the air we breathe every day.

To give you an idea, four trees are planted for every one tree that is felled.

Thanks to this, the planet has many forests that provide all living things with oxygen to all living things.

Paper bags are 100% biodegradable

Las bolsas de papel son 100% biodegradables

One of the best features of paper bags is the possibility of biodegrading, without leaving traces or biodegrade without leaving traces or emitting pollutants into the soil soils.

It is estimated that paper bags take between three to six months to months to degrade optimally, without human intervention and under natural conditions natural conditions.

However, it is best to dispose of them in recyclable containers, since paper recyclable products, as papercan be recycled and turned into another product can be recycled and turned into another product.

Versatility of use

Versatilidad de uso

Paper bags have multiple uses in everyday life, being idealfor transporting almost any type of product for transporting almost any type of product.

It is common to use them to carry products from supermarkets, bakeries, pharmacies, clothing shops and even for food shipments.

When the shopping is done and the products are removed from the bags, theycan be folded, stored and can be folded, stored and put to new use

Sustainable and recyclable

Sustentables y reciclables

Thanks to the raw material used in the production of paper bags, other products can be manufactured from the paper bags, it is possible to manufacture other products from its transformationand recycling and recycling

Using them to create other products helps the environment, as it reduces the consumption of raw materials in the reduces the consumption of raw materials in industries, giving a respite to the forests forests.

When buying or selecting paper bags, prefer those with anoriginal colour, such as kraft paper bags original colour, such as kraft paper bags.

To change the colour of the paper from natural brown to any other colour, chemicals are used that pollute the water.

Marketing channel at the best price

Canal de marketing al mejor precio

Paper bags are customisable,

responding to the needs of each business business.

In the marketing industry, packaging is recognised as an ideal means of ideal medium for brand awareness.

So, when you print your company logo, the name of any product or any seasonal campaign, your target audience will receive the message with unmistakable effectivenes.

Superior resistance

Resistencia superior

Paper bags are strong. They have different weights, giving greater or lesser strength, which allows the safe transport ofany product any product.

Some bags have handles, which make carrying your purchases much easier and comfortable a much simpler and more comfortable task.

In the past, bags were only able to carry a lot of weight, as long as it was dry goods if they were dry goods.

However, the evolution of the paper industry has also been adapted to easily transport frozen food or adapted to easily transport frozen foods or products thatrequire refrigeration need refrigeration.

Use of paper bags in Spain

Uso de bolsas de papel en Espa├▒a

Clothing shops are, par excellence, the biggest customers of paper bags paper bags. It is estimated that they consume 60% of the paper bags used in Spain.

Large companies, shoe shops, home accessories, supermarkets and bakeries; have adopted the ecological paper bags as the product they offer their customers to carry their purchases.

These bags are not only used at the moment of shopping, but because of their their functionality and design we keep them until we give them a newopportunity opportunity.

The paper bag market in Spain uses two types of bags, those manufactured industrially and handmade bags.

Due to the high production costs of the handmade bags, companies are handmade bags, companies are inclined towards the consumption of industrial bags.

Cheap paper bags Where do I buy them?

Bolsas de papel baratas

In Monouso’s online shop you will find the paper bags you need for your you need for your business. All of them of high quality and at an affordable price.

We also have paper bags for bakeries, ideal for transporting and keeping fresh, for much longer, all the bakery time, all the pastries you sell in your business.

If you sell churros, sandwiches or fast food, enter the shop and you will find the to the shop and you will find the models of paper bags churros, snack paper bags sandwich paper and hamburger paper bags.

In case you sell tapas or meals that can be eaten on your way to work or home, we have the on your way to work or home, we have the chips, ideal for many types of take away businesses.

Bringing your drinks to a meeting or event is a breeze with Monouso’s beer or wine bottle bags or beer bottle bags from Monouso. You can also carry the gift to the party in the paper gift envelopes.

Paper bags for pharmacies are available in different sizes and formats, so you will find the right so you will find the right model for every product.

For finally, if you sell fruit or vegetables, we can offer you the right bags for you we offer you the paper bags paper bags with transparent window, a type of bag that shows its contents without the contents without the need to open it. Ideal for product display.

Customise them and break the mould

Since you are looking for paper bags for your business, we introduce you to the monouso’s personalised products service.

In a few simple steps, your paper bags will go from being the simple product that simple product that everyone has to a communication channel with your customers, either with your printed with your logo, product names or any other message that you wish to mass you want to massify.

Interested in differentiating yourself from your competition?

Go to our customised products section and know the steps to follow to have this type of products in your business products in your business.

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