Personalized Cups – The missing touch

No matter how much time has passed since the foundation of your company, you are always looking to execute actions that motivate the remembrance of your brand among current and future clients.

From various communication channels, you develop strategies and do everything that is necessary to stay in the mind of the consumer or “Top of mind”, as it is called in this world.

Personalized cups are the fastest and the cheapest way to support your branding actions.

These types of objects, whether they are a souvenir of a special date or a gift from your company, are appreciated by those who receive them.

Stay with us to discover the uses you can give to this resource and how we can support you to get your personalized glasses.

Ideas on when and how to use customized cups

Customized Plastic Cups

When we talk about personalized cups, we think of those cups with a logo, half tasteless that companies once exposed.

However, the sublimation or printing on these materials has evolved, to the point of being able to make real art jewels with your glasses.

Do you need ideas on how to use customized glasses?

Here we present three very common actions for you to get the juice out of your customized glasses.

One employee = one glass

The first idea goes into the business or corporate environment.

When we cultivate a healthy work environment and the treatment of your employees is as important as their productivity, we will have as a result employees who are happy to work with you.

There is nothing better than an empathetic worker with his company, proud of the colors of the logo and who feels that – instead of working – he attends daily a place that allows him to empower himself in the workplace.

In this environment, a personalized mug will be a detail that everybody wants to have.

Imagine that you are in your job; your immediate supervisor calls you and gives you a corporate mug with your name on it.

As a companion of the cup, we invite you to place a card with a message like the following:

“We wanted to place your position, but as you are constantly growing the cup would become outdated very soon.

Motivating, isn’t it?

We know that corporate cups mean an investment for your organization, but they could also become an excellent policy to reduce the consumption of disposable cups.

Material for your clients

It is common for companies to give away cups or advertising material to their customers, especially during holidays, such as Christmas.

How could you be able to be original in such a used strategy?

Give it a twist! For example, you could send a cup celebrating a year of business relationship with a customer or supplier.

You send the cup, an envelope of instant coffee and invite them to celebrate a year of successes and achievements by making coffee in their new personalized glass.

Wait for the call back from your supplier or ally where they will thank you for the gesture and make vows for a new year of challenges and achievements.

You could also give a cup when you sign a contract or enter into a business relationship.

You’ll roll your company logo between your customers’ coffee and tea evenings.

Memories of great events

The uses of personalized glasses do not only remain in the corporate sphere. You can also use them for personal and intimate celebrations.

For example, a personalized glass commemorating the birth of a child, the golden wedding of your parents, your marriage, the graduation of a brother, are multiple uses.

We assure you that it will be a detail that many will remember and nobody will dare to discard.

They are special gifts that make palpable the love that we feel towards our relatives and friends.

Frequently Asked Questions about Customized Cups

Ideas to Customize personalized cups

We know that when we are faced with an unknown process, doubts and questions begin to surface in our minds.

To pave the way, we built a kind of FAQ, where you can find the questions and answers we are most frequently asked.

If you still have any doubts, contact us through our attention channels.

What is the printing method that is used?

At Monouso we use silkscreen and tampon printing as sublimation methods for your personalized glasses.

What types of glasses can I customize?

We are able to customize plastic cups and paper cups.

What is the minimum of production?

We know that there are large and small orders, but dreams and desires are always immense.

We want to help you, check the minimum production at atc@monouso.es.

Tell us how many customized glasses you want and we will tell you the production costs.

Can I only print the outside of the glass?

It is a trend for messages or details to be printed on the inside of the glasses, especially the cups for hot drinks.

We are not closed to any idea, in your request clearly express what your wish is and we will answer you if it is technically feasible.

Will the print be easily erased?

At Monouso we care about fulfilling your wishes and making you feel satisfied for a long time.

To achieve this premise, we care about using top quality materials for the manufacture of all our products.

In the case of personalized glasses, the inks we use guarantee durability and resistance to use.

Your glasses will always be as sharp as the first day.

Step by step to customize your products

Customization Steps to Follow

It consists of three steps, ranging from exposing the need to receiving the personalized glass in the direction you have indicated.

Here we tell you how the whole process is done so you won’t get lost and will get your product in the shortest time as possible.

Step 1: Request a quotation

Through our e-mail atc@monouso.es, request the necessary information to know the production costs of the personalized glass of your preference.

In that initial communication, you must indicate:

  • Product to personalize, reference, quantity, size, material and color.
  • Quantity of glasses to personalize.
  • Time in which you need the product in your hands.

Attach the image that you want to be printed on your personalized glasses. It must come in a file, in vector format, with extensions .ai or .eps. Remember to convert the fonts into curves so that everything is printed as you want and expect.

Number of colors you want to print on your customized glasses.

Step 2: Receive your offer and approval

After receiving your service order, Monouso’s team of specialists analyzes the order and verifies that everything required is in their hands.

They then perform the necessary calculations and send you a detailed quotation with the costs of your order, delivery time and invoicing.

In order for you to make your projections, we tell you that the production time will be from 2 to 8 weeks. It all depends on the number of cups and type of printing.

Step 3: Dispatch and reception of the product

Upon acceptance of the terms and conditions of the quotation, we will begin production of the customized cups.

Once you have finished making your glasses, we will send the complete order to the address you gave us during the initial process.

Don’t wait any longer, decide what type of personalized glass you want, contact us and get ready to deliver a gift of great acceptance.

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