Buying guide for plastic cups

Copas de pl谩stico

When it comes to high-volume restaurants, caterers, hotels and other busy spaces, disposable and reusable plastic cups are a must!

We guide you through the different types of plastic on the market so you can choose the perfect cup to meet your business needs.

Disposable plastic cups

PS Crystal Cups

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These cups are made of polystyrene, a homopolymer obtained from the polymerisation of pure styrene. Highly rigid and resistant, the PS crystal cups are characterised by a high transparency, shine and quality that resembles traditional glass.

鉁旓笍 High quality material.

鉁旓笍 Disposable, making it a practical and hygienic choice.

鉁旓笍 Safer than glass cups, as breakage does not cause cuts.

鉁旓笍 Not suitable for microwave.

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PLA corn starch biodegradable cups

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The cups made from PLA corn starch, a thermoplastic obtained from this plant, are characterised by their transparency.

It should be added that they are safe for use by people who are allergic to corn starch and its derivatives. Other qualities include:

鉁旓笍 Highly resistant.

鉁旓笍 Disposable and practical.

鉁旓笍 Biodegradable and compostable, so it is nature-friendly.

鉁旓笍 Suitable for cold drinks such as champagne, cava and many more.

鉁旓笍 Elegant glass with a crystal appearance.

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Reusable plastic cups

San cups

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San (styrene acrylonitrile) is a type of plastic usually containing about 70% styrene and 30% acrylonitrile. It is often used in place of polystyrene because it provides greater strength, stiffness and chemical resistance than polystyrene. It is also resistant to boiling water. Although San items are considered dishwasher safe, when tested over 100 cycles, the plastic showed slight edge roughness. Below are some of the characteristics of San plastic:

鉁旓笍 Tear resistant.

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鉁旓笍 BPA free.

鉁旓笍 Dishwasher safe (top rack only).

鉁旓笍 Microwave safe (reheating or heating only).

鉁旓笍 Good scratch resistance.

鉁旓笍 Clarity similar to glass.

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PC Cups

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Polycarbonate is a type of plastic that has very high impact resistance and exceptional clarity. It is often used for applications such as bulletproof windows and shatter resistant lenses. Although polycarbonate has high impact resistance, it has low scratch resistance and is prone to cracking. It also contains BPA. Below are some of the characteristics of polycarbonate cups:

鉁旓笍 Virtually unbreakable.

鉁旓笍 Contains BPA.

鉁旓笍 Dishwasher safe (top rack only).

鉁旓笍 Microwave safe (reheating or heating only).

鉁旓笍 Better scratch resistance than San.

鉁旓笍 Better glass clarity than the San.

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Tritan glasses

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Tritan plastic has similar properties to polycarbonate, but has a chemical resistance that maintains its integrity in environments where others may degrade. Products made from Tritan can have the appearance of glass but with greater impact strength, tear resistance and sustainability. Tritan plastics have a wide range of temperature limits, and most can handle beverages up to 82潞C, and even up to 100潞C. Although Tritan plastic is considered the safest and highest quality plastic, it is also the most expensive. Below are some of the features of tritan cups:

鉁旓笍 Practically unbreakable

鉁旓笍 BPA Free

鉁旓笍 Dishwasher safe

鉁旓笍 Microwave safe

鉁旓笍 Best scratch resistance

鉁旓笍 Best glass clarity

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Uses for plastic cups

Plastic cups are a worthwhile investment for any type of establishment and event, from outdoor facilities to high-volume restaurants. Whether you need wine glasses for a venue鈥檚 food service or gin and tonic glasses for an open bar at a wedding, reusable plastic cups are a great solution for many occasions. Here are some other common uses for plastic cups:

Outdoor uses

  • Swimming pool
  • Covered terraces and patios
  • Open-air dining rooms and bars
  • Pop-up restaurants
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Since many outdoor facilities include food and beverage service, it is important to keep breakable glassware away from pools and other outdoor areas. Glassware is usually not allowed near swimming pools to avoid breakage in the water and possible injury. To get around this rule, many outdoor areas and poolside venues resort to plastic cups. From margarita to martini glasses, there is a wide variety of drinkware to keep all types of outdoor establishments safe and injury-free.

Large capacity establishments

  • Health facilities
  • School cafeterias
  • Workplace caf茅s
  • Institutions

When it comes to large capacity establishments such as school cafeterias, hospitals, nursing homes and other facilities, reusable plastic cups are ideal. When dishwasher use and breakage resistance is a must, cups and mugs that have extremely high impact resistance (such as polycarbonate) are very beneficial.

Family establishments

  • Day centres
  • Restaurants
  • Amusement parks

Some reusable plastic drinks are BPA-free and virtually unbreakable. For this reason, many establishments that cater to families and children will opt for a health-conscious option that will stand up to wear and tear.

Cup accessories

Plastic ice buckets

Enjoy a cold drink thanks to the plastic ice buckets, made of acrylonitrile styrene, a thermoplastic polymer that maintains the ideal temperature for liquids. The ice buckets are also shock-resistant and have an attractive design, so there鈥檚 no way you can stop the party!

There are no more excuses to enjoy an event with these glasses and accessories. Choose the ones that best match the tableware and decoration of the venue, ready to surprise your guests?

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