Platforms and websites on which to advertise your hospitality business in 2023

There are no more excuses for not advertising your hospitality business on the most popular platforms and websites. Making your establishment known on the internet is now very simple and we recommend you do it as soon as possible.

In this article we will explain the importance of publishing your establishment on these applications. In addition, we will reveal the types of advertising platforms so that you can choose the one that best suits your type of business.

The importance of this type of platforms for the development of your business

Nowadays, advertising your business on the most recognised platforms or websites is a must if you want to gain more customers. Thanks to the rise of the internet, more and more people are looking to save time and money when searching for and booking a restaurant.

This represents a great opportunity to advertise your hospitality business and increase its popularity. There are several platforms that allow you to publish information about your business so that it can be easily located on the map. Most mobile devices include GPS.

Visitors can share their opinions so that others can get to know your business. Ideally, the information you post should be complete and up to date so that your establishment appears more easily in searches and to improve the user experience.

Different types of advertising platforms


Tastyrank is a platform that simplifies the task of finding a restaurant using the map. It is possible to search by categories, provinces and customer ratings.

In the same way, users can share their favourite restaurants with family or friends through social networks. Each restaurant presents its menu, location, customer reviews and links to make reservations.

Google Maps

Almost all smart devices contain this application and it is very easy to use. This app shows the closest establishments to the user’s location. Google Maps takes into account the keywords used by the person to filter the results. In addition, it makes its own rating based on customer reviews and complete and up-to-date information provided by the business owner.


TripAdvisor is arguably such an important platform for the hospitality industry that no hotel or restaurant should be left out. It started out as a place to check travellers’ reviews, but today it is a giant comparator for the hospitality industry.

Users can easily make reservations from its mobile app. The ranking of this platform is based on the number of positive user reviews and the age of the reviews.

This is why it is important to respond quickly to any criticism within 24 hours. Positive reviews are an opportunity to invite the customer back. In addition, negative reviews are ideal to rectify any faults and compensate the customer to regain their trust.

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