Poké recipes – easy and quick ones

Poké recipes are among the most sought-after all over the world.

It’s a dish that became a trend a few years ago. Even Barack Obama, the former American president, declared himself a fan of this dish.

Coming from Hawaiian ports, poké is an easy dish to prepare, healthy and very nutritious.

Poké is refreshing and divine, a recipe that you must know, control and prepare as soon as you have the slightest opportunity.

You will become the center of attention of the party and you will give an invaluable taste to all the guests.

Put your apron on. Let’s do poké!

The ingredients for doing poké can be organized in four large groups, depending on their combination you are able to find totally different dishes.

The Base of poké

Traditionally, the basic ingredient of this dish is white rice.

Since its internationalization and fusion with other gastronomic trends, poké began to be prepared with black rice and also with brown rice.

In the same sense of fusion, dishes are prepared with pasta and other types of cereals.

Poké recipes: Vegetables

Poké, by nature, is a simple and uncomplicated dish.

In the case of vegetables, seasonal vegetables are included. No more, no less.

The idea is to have a group of foods that bring flavor and texture to the preparation.

Fish, the protagonist

The fish is the main star of this dish. It’s all about the taste it brings.

The fish that are used regularly are salmon and tuna.

There are also other species of fish, even some chefs cross the line and reach the seafood.

This dish has a vegetarian version. To prepare it, the animal protein is replaced by some vegetable. The avocado is one of the most used.


The dish is renowned for being an explosion of flavor.

Much of that strength comes from the seasonings that are used to enhance the natural flavors of each group of ingredients.

Sea salt is one of the main ones. In the original recipe, the fish is eaten raw, macerated in sea salt.

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The furikake is another favorite. This ingredient comes from the combination of sesame seeds and seaweed. When you add it to the poké, you get flavor and texture.

General preparation of poké recipes

Poké has a methodology that is repeated in all dishes.

On a portion of cooked rice, place the vegetables, the macerated fish and garnish with the dressings.

Next, we’ll see what ingredients you need to make various types of poké.

The classic tuna poké

Cut 500 g of fresh tuna into cubes and place it in a bowl.

You will let it marinate in a mixture of chopped onions, soy sauce, sesame oil and the juice of two limes.

Cook 300 g of rice as you do on a regular basis.

Cut the following vegetables into thin slices: cucumbers, tomatoes and radishes. Take an avocado and slice it.

Divide the rice into 4 containers and place fish and vegetable portions in each one.

As a finishing touch, sprinkle with sesame seeds and call the table. It’s time to eat!

Another version of the tuna poké

To give a different boost to your traditional tuna poké preparation you can add or substitute some ingredients.

Add to the previous marinade, which is a mixture of spring onions with sauces and limes, 2 very small chopped chilli peppers and lime, wakame or hijiki type seaweed.

Also, add a coarsely chopped romaine lettuce to the vegetable mixture with your hands.

To the final touch of sesame seeds, add roasted macadamia nuts, which will provide superior texture and flavor.

Salmon poké, another favorite

For this preparation you will need 500 g of fresh and clean salmon.

Cut the fish into cubes and, in a bowl, marinate it in finely chopped spring onion, grated ginger and soy sauce.

Slice a red onion and avocado. Cut a cucumber into cubes and 10 cherry tomatoes into halves.

Serve the rice on four plates. Place the macerated salmon and vegetables on top of the rice.

At the end, spread the marinade sauce on each plate.

Poké recipes – Anuenue

We start by preparing the marinated fish, as in most poké recipes.

Cut 500 g of fresh and clean salmon into squares.

We marinate it in sugar-free mango sauce, a touch of soy sauce and you can even put in a few drops of lime. Don’t forget to add a pinch of sea salt.

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Cook 250 g of normal white rice and set aside.

For the salad, cut a mango and an avocado into large cubes.

Divide the rice into four plates, place a portion of marinated salmon and accompany with the chopped vegetables.

Finish the poké with finely chopped chives and masago.

Vegetarian Poké: Mango and Papaya with Coconut Rice

Take 240 g of brown rice and cook it as you regularly do, but replace the regular water with coconut milk and add four tablespoons of brown sugar.

Book it and let it cool down.

Cut two mangoes and a medium papaya into cubes.

In a bowl, combine them with the juice of 2 limes and the grated rind. Remember not to grate the white area of the shell, it will bring an unwanted bitter taste to the preparation.

Place the rice with coconut milk on four plates. Cover it with the mango and papaya preparation.

Garnish your plate with black sesame seeds and flakes or sprinkles of dried coconut.

Bowls to carry your poké recipes

This typical Hawaiian dish has the particularity of being able to be prepared anywhere.

If you want to cook delicious poké recipes on your next trip to the countryside, beach or mountains, you will need bowls to prepare them.

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Plastic bowls

The first option we will introduce you are the traditional plastic containers.

A wide category, with prices that fit all budgets, where you will find plastic bowls of different types.

Economical plastic bowls, thermal foam bowls, microwaveable PP bowls; these are some of the products we will offer you in this section.

Biodegradable packaging for poké recipes

Yes, besides having an adventurous spirit and enjoying cooking outdoors, you may have a clear concept of the need to reduce plastic consumption, biodegradable bowls are your best option.

In this section, you will find sugar cane bowls, palm leaf bowls, bamboo bowls, among others.

All these types of products are manufactured with 100% environmentally friendly materials.

Besides guaranteeing you a divine and healthy meal, you will be able to reduce your environmental footprint, contributing to the good health of the planet.

Poké tends to be eaten with special cutlery. It is important to learn how to hold the chopsticks before embarking on this recipe.

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