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Escandallo ¿Presente en tu restaurante?

For a restaurant to operate efficiently and generate the expected profits, the products and the selling prices must be managed.

One of the tools for managing your restaurant is the “escandallo”, a table that allows you to calculate the costs of the dishes you serve based on the prices of the ingredients you use and some characteristics of their preparation.

This way you know what the right prices are for the dishes you serve without speculating or being guided by other businesses and having an estimate of income and expenses.

For your restaurant to be successful, not only do you have to make good dishes, you also have to have good management, so read on to understand how it works and what the benefits of a scandal are.

What does a scale consist of?

¿En que consiste un escandallo?

The scandal is an important step to take before writing your restaurant’s menu, as this will determine the cost of your products.

An estimate is a total calculation of the raw materials used to prepare the dishes in your restaurant. It is usually a calculation made per diner, taking into account the prices of the ingredients.

To prepare a scandal, it is important to make a table comparing the different components of each ingredient in order to have a cost for the right dish.

Elements of a Scandal

Elementos de un escandallo

In order to elaborate a scale you must take into account some important elements that allow the calculation to be as accurate as possible and those dishes to be profitable for the restaurant.

Scandals must be composed of:

  • The ingredients that make up the dishes.
  • The total weight of each ingredient
  • Size, in kilograms, of the loss produced by cooking ingredients including shells, skins, bones, seeds, etc.
  • The weight of the ingredients after they have been washed out.
  • The price of each ingredient.
  • The sum of the prices of the ingredients.

Although it is a way of calculating the cost of the dishes to be served within your restaurant menu, it is important to be aware of the labour costs and basic services of the establishment.

How do you make a scale?

¿Cómo elaborar un escandallo?

A spreadsheet tool is very important for making a scale. In it you must create a comparison table, calculate the costs according to the elements to be followed and choose the profitable recipes.

Comparison table

To group each of the ingredients’ elements in order, you need to create a comparison table. That way you will easily understand the calculations you made and whether the dishes you had in mind bring profits to your restaurant.

If you use the same ingredient in several dishes, it is important that you write down the exact weight of the ingredient portion you are using to get the ideal price.

When placing the units of the ingredients, one tip is to make a column to represent it as a percentage and another for the weight in grams or kilograms.

Weight of ingredients

If you are going to make the calculations to obtain the unit cost and the total cost of the ingredients to be used in the dishes you must know the net weight of each ingredient, that is, the weight of the ingredient after eliminating the loss.

With the net weight expressed in kilograms or liters, customers will purchase some foods at their cost for the weight they represent.

In contrast, the total price is achieved by taking into account the gross weight and symbolizes the acquisition costs.

Calculating the quantities of ingredients per recipe

After completing each of the data in the comparison table, you need to determine what quantities of ingredient are needed to prepare a recipe.

The best way to do this is to make a general calculation in the comparison table and divide it according to the number of servings obtained with the ingredients used. That way you will know what the ideal price is.

Importance of a scale in your restaurant

Importancia de la técnica en tu restaurante

The scandal is a calculation that not only helps you know what the best prices are for the dishes you serve, but also determines which dishes are profitable and how many ingredients you should buy from suppliers to avoid shrinkage.

Likewise, it is an excellent indicator to know if it is necessary to eliminate or add some ingredient to the dishes in order to add them to the menu and increase sales in your establishment.

It is a simple strategy to give the best prices on the market to the customer and increase profits, thus you get resources to invest in the improvements needed to enhance the quality of service.

The only data you need to know before making a scale are the prices of each product supplied by the supplier and its weight, then you start to complete the comparison table and make the price calculations.

If you don’t make a scan, the dishes will cost too much or be cheaper than they really are, resulting in significant losses to your business.

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