Recommendations to ensure cleanliness and hygiene in offices

After the Covid-19 pandemic our life changed radically. Now it has become necessary to implement new standards of cleanliness and hygiene in offices, as well as other workplaces.

The implementation of these new measures only seeks to guarantee disinfection, at much more detailed levels, compared to the way we used to clean.

Why is it so important now?

The idea is to reduce the number of infections, decreasing the number of outbreaks that may cause an increase in the number of cases of Covid-19 that may put the health of the work team working there at risk.

Here we will share some measures and recommendations that will allow you to guarantee hygiene and cleanliness in offices.

Measures to guarantee cleanliness in offices

Medidas para garantizar la limpieza en oficinas

Among the most important measures to ensure cleanliness in the offices are

  1. Clean and disinfect daily the office and common use equipment such as: doors, door handles, stair rails, furniture, office devices, controls, keyboards, telephones or touch screens.
  2. Disinfect surfaces using hydrogen peroxide, alcohol and bleach in high concentrations for at least one minute.
  3. Clean and disinfect commonly used surfaces at each shift change.
  4. Use quality products that are suitable for maintaining cleanliness in the office such as: soap dispensers, paper towels, disinfectant gel.
  5. Keep kitchen utensils in closed places, treating them with special care after each use.
  6. Ensure good ventilation in the work area.
  7. Maintain social distance between employees and if possible establish flexible hours or teleworking.
  8. Follow the hygiene, cleaning and safety protocols established by the company.

Recommendations to guarantee hygiene in offices

Recomendaciones para garantizar la higiene en oficinas

In view of the health emergency following the appearance of the Covid-19 pandemic, and after the de-escalation process, rules were established to maintain hygiene and cleanliness in offices.

Among the recommendations to guarantee office hygiene, from a personal point of view, we have

Washing your hands properly

This is the first step in ensuring protection and eliminating as many germs as possible.

It is important that all employees handle the information so that they can implement those recommendations when they return to work.

Some tips for proper hand washing are

  • Wash your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds. If this is not possible, use hydroalcoholic solution with 60% concentration.
  • Use paper towels to dry your hands
  • Post signs with information on proper hand washing to remind employees to wash their hands frequently during the day.
  • To set a timer during the working day so that employees stop their activities to wash their hands.
  • Even if employees wear latex or plastic gloves during the working day, they must wash their hands frequently.

Use masks, face shields and gloves

The use of masks, face shields and gloves, also known as personal protective equipment, is necessary to prevent the spread of Covid-19 virus.

Employees should attend their work stations using personal protective equipment on a daily basis, as a preventive measure when maintaining contact with other people in their work area.

It is important that employees receive proper training on the correct use of masks, face shields and gloves during their working day.

Maintaining social distance

Social distancing is one of the recommendations that have remained in force since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, which seeks to guarantee a safe space of 2 meters so that people can function in this new normality.

When implementing social distancing it is necessary:

  • Maintain the use of a mask, face shield and gloves.
  • Inform staff and clients that social distance will be maintained during care to ensure protection.
  • Increase the distance between tables, desks and workspace.
  • Mark the spaces available for positioning.
  • Reduce activities that require physical proximity.

Implement the use of screens

The use of screens in the office will limit contact between customers and employees (also between employees) so that the approach will be safer and all staff will be protected.

At the end of the working day, the screens must be disinfected, as well as the surface where they are installed.

Single Use Hygiene Products

Productos de higiene en Monouso

At the Monouso online store you will find a wide variety of products that will help you maintain office hygiene and cleanliness in order to keep the work space in optimal conditions and offer better hygiene conditions for employees.

Hand sanitizing gel

The use of disinfectant gel will help protect your hands from the presence of microorganisms, giving them a soft feeling.

The use of hand sanitizing gel in the office allows you to keep your hands protected from contact with common objects such as elevator buttons, door handles or ramps.

You can choose between liquid solutions or gels and this will depend on the use it is given. Remember that thanks to its effectiveness you will be able to protect your hands against viruses, bacteria and other microorganisms.

Soap and gel hand dispensers

Soap and hand gel dispensers offer you the convenience of cleaning your hands without coming into contact with the antiseptic solution, thus avoiding cross-contamination.

The use of these devices is recommended in public and commonly used places such as offices or restaurants to maintain hygiene.

The soap and hand gel dispensers are made with quality materials that withstand continuous use and humidity, you only have to fill the dispenser to continue enjoying this mechanism.

Paper towels

Paper towels are an indispensable element to complete the cleaning of the hands after washing them. The use of paper towels will allow you to maintain the hygiene of the user, since after using it you only have to dispose of it in the container.

The paper towels are resistant and absorb water, leaving your hands dry without falling apart.

In the Monouso online store you have several options of paper towels ideal for use in dispensers among which you can find: sheet paper, roll paper and paper towels in various colors.

Paper towel dispenser

Paper towel dispensers are a practical way of offering the user paper towels to dry their hands.

This device has a practical design with an opening and closing mechanism where paper towels are refilled so users can always dry their hands.

There are various models of paper towel dispensers available in the Monouso online shop, such as the roll paper towel dispensers, stainless steel and polycarbonate dispensers.

The use of paper towel dispensers is recommended for their practicality, comfort and for being an element that contributes to the hygiene of the user and therefore of the environment.

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