Safe hospitality label, how do you get it?

Distintivo de hostelería segura ¿Cómo conseguirlos?

The whole world is preparing to reactivate the new normality, after the appearance of the Covid-19. To do this, measures are being taken to avoid a second wave of this disease, at least until the vaccine is available.

Among the actions that are being implemented are the safe hotel and restaurant labels. This is a requirement that seeks to reduce the impact of the coronavirus on the hotel and restaurant sector.

At the moment there are three labels: safe hotel, safe restaurant and safe bar

These documents, granted by the Spanish Hotel and Catering Industry, certify businesses that comply with all the requirements demanded to be considered a safe and Covid-19-free establishment.

On the Spanish Hospitality Industry website, company tax managers must fill out a form with simple information about the restaurant to help them meet the requirements for obtaining the safe hospitality industry label.

The process of obtaining the safe hotel label is handled by the hotel association of the province where the business is located

They will be in charge of visiting your establishment and awarding the safe hotel and restaurant label, only when all requirements are met.

The safe hotel and catering labels that are given to restaurants have the logo of the provincial hotel and catering association and the name of the business that receives it, so it is not transferable.

Stay with us and learn more about how the process of obtaining the safe hospitality labels and their purpose is handled.

What’s this safe hospitality badge about?

The Hotel and Catering Industry of Spain is a business organisation that is responsible for representing members of the hotel and catering sector, developing partnerships between businesses, promoting Spanish gastronomy and publishing official data on the progress of the industry.

In the midst of the implementation of the phases of the Plan for the Transition to a New Normalcy, the hotel industry in Spain organized a committee in charge of drafting the necessary measures to prevent the spread of Covid-19 with the opening of businesses.

These measures have been verified by the Ministry of Health and hotel and catering businesses must comply with them if they wish to reopen their businesses and obtain a safe hotel and catering label that will allow them to open their doors.

This label ensures that all members of your restaurant staff know and comply with the appropriate disinfection protocols, to keep the areas free of viruses and to open the establishment safely.

Requirements to be followed to obtain the safe hotel trade mark

As we indicated, the first step is to fill in your details on the Spanish Hospitality Industry website.

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After completing the form, it is necessary to start applying the recommendations that were written in the guide elaborated in collaboration with the Institute for Spanish Tourist Quality.

As part of the requirements that must be met are

  • Washing and decontamination of cutlery sets, plates, glasses, cups and other utensils used during service.
  • Separate tables with a minimum distance of one and a half meters so that there is no contact between people.
  • Install methacrylate screens between the tables, to preserve the safety space and separate the diners.
  • Carry out deep cleaning tasks in common areas, such as the bathrooms after being used by one person.
  • Establishing a limited capacity. The capacity of the restaurants and hotels will be increased according to the phase of the de-climbing plan.
  • Implementing the use of thermometers to measure the temperature of people entering your establishment.
  • To increase biosecurity measures when handling and washing food
  • Place anti-bacterial gel dispensers in different areas of the establishment. It is recommended to pay attention to the entrance, the bar and the checkout area.
  • Prohibiting staff members from leaving during their working hours. This seeks to avoid community contagion of the staff.
  • Mandatory use of masks and gloves at all times.

It is important to know that after your restaurant has been awarded the Safe Catering Label, you must sign a declaration in which you commit to comply with each of these essential requirements.

The hotel and catering association in your province will make frequent visits to your restaurant facilities to ensure that all processes are carried out perfectly and to confirm that your business deserves to preserve its distinctive character.

Who will ensure that the requirements are met?

The people in charge of visiting the establishments are members of the technical staff of the Spanish Hotel Industry and the Hotel Industry Association of the province where your business is located.

These representatives of both organizations will work under the guidelines of the Ministry of Health.

Taking into account the recommendations mentioned in the official communiqués, restaurant managers must open the restaurant so that cleaning and disinfection work can begin in each area of the restaurant.

At the time of the visit by the technical staff, they will make a thorough review of the cleanliness and the products used in order to check that they are suitable for eliminating virucidal agents.

And what do I do after receiving the accreditation?

In addition to providing you with the tools and products necessary to make your business a safe hotel and catering business, they help you to acquire knowledge about how to manage your establishment in the midst of the de-climbing process.

Among some of the benefits you get for complying with the process of obtaining the safe hospitality label are

  • Participation in training activities for employers and members of the staff of the company to know how to act in the face of this new way of working of the restaurants and hotels.
  • A manual with the distance measurements to be taken by workers in each area of the company.
  • Full access to sales platforms and applications, where people can find your business and get their attention.
  • Placement of signs in each of the work areas indicating the activities that are allowed and those that are not.
  • Truthful and updated information on changes in the de-climbing phases or in the rules on opening restaurants during the Covid-19 pandemic.
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These safe hotel and catering labels indicate to people that your establishment complies with the appropriate cleaning and disinfection regulations to be a Covid-19-free environment and prevent the spread.

In addition, the staff members working in the restaurant will have the confidence that it is a safe space to continue with their work.

There are three models for this label, depending on the type of business you have: safe restaurant, safe bar and safe hostelry.

The badges will have the name of the establishment to which they were awarded, the image of the hotel and catering association of the province and the languages spoken in the city where they are located.

Monouso supports you in the opening of your restaurant

The situation was very hard and we will gradually come together.

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