Salaries for kitchen assistants: duties and other information

Salaries for kitchen assistants: duties and other information

Knowing the salaries for kitchen assistants is one of the recurring queries in the restaurant sector

Everyone knows that thanks to kitchen assistants, cooks focus on cooking food, restaurant service is faster and the quality of dishes is standardised.

But what factors influence the kitchen assistant’s salary, who defines it and what is the amount together.

Find out what determines the kitchen assistant salary, their functions in restaurants and some websites to find the vacancy with the kitchen assistant salary you are looking for.

Keys to calculating kitchen assistant salaries

Keys to calculating a kitchen assistant's salary

Applications for kitchen helpers abound, on specialised sites and all over the web.

Generally, kitchen assistant salariesare offered from 900 to more than 2000 euros.

However, you should keep in mind that kitchen assistant salaries vary depending on a number of factors, such as the tasks you perform in the kitchen, as well as the status and recognition of the restaurant.

What impacts on a kitchen assistant’s salary?

What is the impact on a kitchen assistant's salary?

The qualifications of applicants for kitchen assistant vacancies have a strong impact on the salary offer.

Training and experience assure the restaurant that the person is capable of performing any task assigned to them in the kitchen without making mistakes or incurring losses.

Another quality that restaurant managers look for in a kitchen assistant is good time management and the ability to work under pressure

Proactivity and flexibility are also taken into account. This refers to having the willingness to work according to the shifts that the restaurant manages and always being willing to do what the head chef tells them to do.

Last but not least, the interest you have in the kitchen and the service you offer during service is highly valued

What is the role of an assistant in the kitchen?

What is the role of an assistant in the kitchen?

A kitchen assistant is the person who assists the chef or kitchen staff with the daily tasks in the kitchen

Kitchen assistants perform tasks such as food preservation, hygiene or any other activity requested by the head chef.

Tasks of a kitchen assistant

Tasks of a kitchen assistant

Kitchen assistants are a great support for the effective management of the restaurant, as they carry out different activities in the kitchen.

Their work is focused on facilitating the preparation and plating tasks of the cooks, so that the service is faster and retains its quality.

Hygiene tasks

In terms of hygiene tasks, the kitchen assistant isin charge of washing pots, pans and kitchen utensils used in the different preparation areas.

As they are used, the kitchen assistant cleans them and places them in the appropriate food preparation area. From there, they can be used in the preparation of another recipe

In addition to promoting order, this is intended to make the kitchen more dynamic and not to delay service because of a missing kitchen utensil, hindering the work of the other members of the kitchen.

Maintenance tasks

The kitchen assistants are also in charge of storing food, following the instructions of the head chef to guarantee its preservation.

The kitchen assistants will store the products purchased from the suppliers, under the necessary care, always offering the best treatment to the product.

They are also in charge of finding and placing the food on the preparation table, so that the chefs only focus on preparing the dishes and do not waste time looking for the ingredients.

General tasks

When the kitchen assistants are not performing maintenance or hygiene tasks, they are engaged in general tasks as instructed by the headchef.

It is common for the manager to order them to keep track of the orders coming in and out of the kitchen or to tidy the appliances and other kitchen items after use.

And, in the case of food handling, they are in charge of sauces or dressings, cleaning the food and being attentive to the help required by any cook, either with the preparation of dishes or when plating.

Looking for a job? Here are some reliable sources

Looking for a job? Here are some reliable sources

If you are looking for a well-paying job as a kitchen assistant, there are several sites where you can post your CV and apply for the best options.

It is essential that you know how to write a CV, a task that requires a bit of time and dedication.

Remember that on such platforms, the people who want to pay the kitchen helper salary will be left with the first impression and – in this case – you will get it from the CV.

Thousand Ads

Mil Anuncios is a website that publishes the sale of products of all kinds. It also has a section for job postings.

On this page you only have to create a profile, indicate that you are interested in kitchen assistant jobs and your contact information.


Indeed is also a site specialising in the supply and demand of jobs of all kinds.

To register, you must register, search for the kitchen assistant vacancy you are most comfortable with and indicate that you are interested in the vacancy, so that the restaurant can contact you.


Infojobs is a job website, where you can find vacancies in any community in Spain.

Create a profile, publish your CV and mention that you are interested in the HORECA sector.

This way, you will start receiving notifications with job offers that match your interests.

Gastro Jobs

This employment website is dedicated to vacancies in the catering and hospitality sector.

On Gastro Empleo you can see the vacancies and the kitchen assistant salary for each vacancy.

You can also wait to be contacted or apply for any vacancy, your counterpart will analyse your CV and contact you if you fit the required profile.

Basic utensils for kitchen helpers

Basic utensils for kitchen helpers

Every kitchen assistant must have the right catering clothing to carry out his or her daily assignments.

In our Monouso online shop, we offer you hats, tablecloths, cloths, bibs and aprons used by kitchen helpers.

Each of them has a comfortable design, to be used during the hours of the shift in the restaurant, without causing discomfort and ensuring food safety.

You can find them in colours such as white, black or burgundy, to maintain sobriety and elegance in the kitchenat all times.

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