Reasons to use security tape in your business


Security tape is found all over the world, enabling businesses to identify, seal and transport boxes of various products, such as paper food bags, safely and securely anywhere.

There is no doubt about the role that this type of tape plays in the logistics of any business, because it allows products to be identified and to reach their destination intact.

That is why it is of utmost importance that, when it comes to business and logistics, the material of the security tape is really high quality, because it will have a higher resistance to shearing or cutting, it will have a good tension and it will adhere easily.

But, what are the reasons for your business that sells, for example, bags for greengrocers, to use this material? At Monouso we explain it to you so that you have no doubt that investing in adhesive tape is your next step.


Security adhesive tape in your business logistics

No matter what your business product is, whether it’s make-up or paper bags, it’s clear that they are transported in boxes, so they need secure packaging. That’s where tape comes in.

Thanks to it you will secure the product inside the packaging or container in which it will be transported, but can you imagine having to open each box in your business to find out what it contains?

To solve this problem, security adhesive tapes have been developed with labels so sophisticated that they include holograms, allowing almost instant identification of the product. And even tapes such as secure perf have been developed that allow the supervisor to identify if the goods have been tampered with.

Security tape adapted to technology

Don’t like the idea of having to write on every label? Well, security tapes that are adhesive are advancing and have been adapting to changes, so currently there is TESA’s filia technology, which allows information to be written on the tape labels.

But this is done on four levels by means of a laser, which means that this information can only be accessed by means of a special device. If this does not convince you, you should know that there are tapes that contain adhesive marking labels that are used to track and authenticate each product thanks to a barcode or QR code.

These are ideal especially when it comes to exporting or importing goods, as they shorten the time of logistical procedures at ports by up to 50%.

All of this makes it clear that you always need to have security tape on hand in your business, especially if you are sending or receiving delicate products such as paper bags with transparent windows, as this way you can reinforce the packaging and prevent damage to the product.

Do you already use them in your business? If so, tell us about your experience with them!

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