Cutlery for restaurants: set of disposable cutlery


Disposable cutlery has become the safest and most economical option in the new phase of restaurant reopening.

A phase in which many autonomous communities have already entered and in which the remaining communities will enter in a few weeks. For this reason, restaurants and bars have had to adapt new hygiene measures, including disposable tableware.

Forget about having all the silverware in a container at the bar of your restaurant or at the tables. If you want to offer maximum security to your customers you have to take new measures.

In previous posts we have talked about the types of disposable plastic cups, the types of disposable tableware and in this post we tell you more details about the set of individual disposable cutlery and what are their types.

Advantages of the disposable cutlery set with cover

As we have been saying over the last few weeks, disposable tableware has great advantages and is currently being tested especially in the catering sector. The disposable cutlery is very hygienic and even more so the single-use cutlery sets, because as they come in separate plastic covers, they provide an extra measure of hygiene.

In the restaurant they are given to each person separately and it is only the customer who at the time of eating opens his or her case and takes out his or her own cutlery. In this way they cannot be manipulated by anyone other than the person who is going to eat with them and possible contagion is avoided.

In addition, at the end of the lunch/dinner service they do not have to be reused and therefore do not have to be washed and no one else will touch them. This further strengthens the hygiene in the restaurant.

Type of disposable cutlery to maintain hygiene in restaurants

Set of disposable metallic cutlery

It is the type of more sophisticated single-use cutlery by its design. As it is silver coloured it simulates the typical stainless steel cutlery we all have at home.

They are in high demand by restaurants that offer table service, following safety and social distancing measures. They are the best option for this type of restaurants, hotels or also for catering important events such as weddings, baptisms or company parties because they offer safety and hygiene to the consumer, but their appearance is more elegant.

Your customers won’t realize that they are disposable cutlery until they hold it in their hands thanks to its design.


Individual plastic cutlery set

It is the type of individual cutlery set most in demand in the catering industry due to its value for money. They are made of plastic and you can find them in white or transparent.

Within this type we can find several types: set of fork and knife, set of fork, knife and napkin, or set of fork, knife, spoon and napkin.

Set of biodegradable disposable cutlery

This is a type of sustainable cutlery set, since they are made of a biodegradable material such as PLA. A very good option for those health food restaurants, among which reign the values of health and environmental care.

They are not suitable for microwaves or dishwashers, which is not a problem in this case because they are intended for single use.

As you can see, the use of disposable cutlery is a very good option if you want to reopen your restaurant, bar or hotel with the maximum safety and hygiene measures. Your customers are eager to eat out again but they will not do so at any price and your image will be strengthened if you take care of their hygiene and safety.

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