Silicone baking paper What is it and what is it for?

The silicone paper has both sides coated with silicone. It has been specially treated to block cellulose pores, making it waterproof.

Say goodbye to food spoiled by sticking to the moulds! This paper is ideal for baking a cake, chicken, pizza or any delicious dish that requires separation between the tray and the food while cooking.

As if that wasn’t enough, you can put it to other uses in your kitchen. If you are a baker, pastry chef or gastronomic expert, you should know the different uses you can make of this versatile paper.

But the best thing is that with the use of silicone paper you will guarantee that your food is treated with maximum hygiene and safety. Do you want to know more? Join us until the end!

Types of silicone paper

Knowing which are the types of silicone paper is essential, so that when you choose, you do not make mistakes and buy the right one. Let’s see what they are:

  • Silicone paper for various uses: It has been made so that you can reuse it, it can withstand approximately 10 baking cycles without losing its properties or the silicone layer that covers it.
  • One-use silicone paper: Designed to be used once and discarded because it’s thick enough to withstand one-time use.

Benefits of using silicone paper

Below, we present the advantages and benefits of using silicone paper in the gastronomy sector:

Resists high and low temperatures

Thanks to the treatment it has undergone, this type of paper can withstand around 220° C. This makes it ideal for use in the oven, stove or microwave.

Also, it can withstand very low temperatures, so it can be used to freeze food without losing its properties.

Specially designed for baking

It is suitable for food baking, as it acts as a protector between the oven flame and the food. It also prevents food from sticking to the mould. You can use it on the stove without any worries.

Removes excess fat and liquids

Thanks to its non-stick property, it is able to keep the fat and liquids of the food placed on it at bay.

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These will not pass into the food and you can remove them very easily. In addition, you can cook the food wrapped in this paper without adding oil. This contributes to improving your health.

It is reusable

There is a type of silicone paper on the market that can be used up to 10 times without losing its properties. In this way, you will save money and time.

Provides versatility

Thanks to the heat resistance, you can also use it to fry or steam food, as long as it does not exceed 220°C. It allows you to boil food by wrapping it in it and by placing it in boiling water it further protects the original taste and nutrients.

If you wish, place it as extra protection on the cutting board to act as a protective barrier between the food and possible bacteria.

You don’t have to grease moulds or trays

As it is non-stick, it is ideal for covering baking or cooking moulds or containers without needing to grease them. You will be saving money and material, while preparing your food more comfortably.

In addition, you will not alter the taste of your sweet or salty foods.

You save time

After using it you don’t have to wash it, as it prevents the adhesion of liquids or fats. The time you save in washing the utensils used can be invested in enjoying the company of your family and friends.

Also, you will save water, and you will be contributing to the conservation of the environment.

It doesn’t give off any toxins

It’s totally safe to use! Your meals will not absorb any toxic agents that affect your health and safety.

It is essential to know this element because, when using this paper to prepare your food, you will be in direct contact with it.

How to bake with silicone paper

It is a perfect type of paper for bakery or pastry, as it withstands temperatures in an oven ranging from 100° to 240°C.

So, you no longer have to fear that your biscuits will stick to the tray after so much work. This paper is an ideal barrier to make your cakes take off in perfect condition when it comes to removing them from the mould.

What do you need?

To perfectly cover your mold with silicone paper, you will need

  • Scissors
  • A piece of silicone paper (a little bigger than the mold)
  • Mold to cover
  • A little bit of butter

Steps to follow

  1. Fold the silicone paper several times until you form a triangle.
  2. With the mold upside down, place that triangle over the mold with the wider side out. Take the paper cut with the scissors following the shape of the edge of the mold.
  3. Just unfold the triangle and place it inside the mould and you will see that it fits easily and you will also be able to cover the walls of the container.
  4. Place the little bit of butter in the centre of the mould and you will make sure that the paper does not move. This way, the cake pan will be ready to receive the dough of the cake you made, and after baking you will notice the big difference.
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Add great quality to your finished products and present them with this useful paper that is the ideal complement.

Other uses for silicone paper


The use of this paper has become indispensable in domestic and industrial kitchens. All this, thanks to the enormous properties brings you many benefits when cooking.

This type of paper has many other uses which we will mention below:

  1. Preserving food: Thanks to its multiple properties you can use it to freeze food without it losing its taste.
  2. Separating food from others: You can cut it to the size required to use it as a food separator whether it is homemade hamburgers, sheets of wheat flour and others. You can also portion meats or fish into individual sizes that are very useful for taking food to school or work.
  3. Non-stick effect on griddles or pans: Our griddles and pans lose their non-stick property and this paper is great for continuing to use them without problem.
  4. Can be used for wallpaper: You can use it to wrap food without having to resort to aluminium foil and you can also wrap tables or other surfaces. Cover your table with this paper when you spread the dough for breads, homemade pastries or cookies, making the surface more hygienic.

Monouso has the ideal silicone paper for you

On our website we offer you silicone baking paper with both sides waxed, made from top quality materials.

Thanks to the multiple properties you will achieve that your meals are simply perfect without sticking to the trays or moulds used.

In our virtual store Monouso.es we present you the best options within the pro-environmental sector so that you look good on every occasion. We have a large inventory of silicone paper with innovative designs. Visit our website and you’ll be convinced!

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