Social Media: the free advertising you need for your restaurant

conoce cómo aprovechar las redes sociales de restaurantes

Social media management for restaurants and bars should be done according to a specific plan, just as it would be for any other business. In this case, the focus is oriented towards the experience and peculiarities of these environments. What does this mean? We explain it below.

Social Networks: the free publicity you need for your restaurant

After several years of running social networks for restaurants, it has been proven how the creation of strategies and advertising campaigns, specifically focused on the commercial sector for which they are created, have had greater acceptance by users.

Although today there are professionals who are dedicated to this area, it is no less true that with the necessary knowledge and resources, you yourself can be able to manage social networks and implement free advertising campaigns for your business.

Should my restaurant have social networks?

The answer is a resounding yes. The use of social networks for restaurants and bars brings with it a number of benefits that would otherwise be difficult to achieve. Some of them:

  • A great reach that allows to make the business known to potential customers.
  • Echoing the gastronomic offer and activities that take place within the premises.
  • Savings in capital investment for the creation and implementation of digital advertising strategies.

It should be noted that the use of social networks promotes frequent interaction with customers. An action that leads to the attraction of new customers and loyalty of old ones.

The importance of choosing the right social networks

Promoting your business is necessary, as it guarantees you reach new customers. When choosing the best options for restaurant social networks, you should think about at least three things:

  1. Consider what type of users use it and what they use it for.
  2. what objectives do you want to achieve: increased sales, increased visibility on the network or customer loyalty?
  3. Maintain the network with optimal presence, otherwise, it can be counterproductive, since it denotes abandonment.

After defining these aspects, it is time to evaluate each network. Each one offers the possibility to connect with customers in a particular way. For example:

  • With Facebook the reach of different publications can be measured and even compared with that of the competition, thanks to Facebook Analytics. Also, you can rely on the option of opinions so that customers themselves are the ones who leave reviews of the place. And with the call to action button facilitate reservations or direct calls.
  • With a business account on Instagram you have the option of publishing photos of dishes or of the place; live stories showing the preparation or presentation of a dish; among other things.
  • On TripAdvisor, on the other hand, you will have the possibility of joining a niche where the platform itself shows you its users, according to their preferences. Generally, your profile is connected to that of other networks.

Remember that the main use of any social network is interaction with users. Therefore, the creation of quality and eye-catching content will be essential for the achievement of the objectives set.

What are the trends in social networks for restaurants?

The trends in social network management for restaurants and bars are oriented towards improving the visual appeal to users. The intention is to show appetizing dishes or draw attention to the possibility of enjoying an incredible experience when visiting the restaurant. Among the most prominent trends are:

Showing work in the kitchen

Videos inside the kitchen are trending for restaurant social media management. Showing the essence of the work team has struck a chord with users who love to know the spaces that are usually hidden when visiting restaurants.

A bit of the chef’s life

If the account is from the restaurant of a renowned chef, nothing like showing a bit of the professional’s daily life. A selfie outside the workplace allows customers to connect and identify with the chef.

Publications with allies

Finally, we recommend you to advertise together with an influencer or even with any other commercial ally. Generally, collaborations are well received in social networks.

New trends in social media for restaurants aim to improve the response of the target audience. Why is that? The ultimate goal of any advertising strategy: greater reach and acceptance. Want to learn more about it? Before you go, check out this video on restaurant social media management.

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