Sugar cane

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Sugarcane containers sugar cane are the most environmentally friendly packaging on the market. This alternative is not only designed to reduce the impact of the food sector on the planet, but also to meet high quality standards. After all, they are lightweight, withstand greasy foods well and are versatile in the kitchen.

Sugarcane packaging

Containers made from sugar cane are among the most sustainable you can find on the market today. These products are made from the fibrous vegetable bagasse resulting from the extraction of sugar cane juice.

We are talking about a line of 100% compostable packaging, thanks to the fact that they come from a vegetable material. But they are not only recommended for their sustainable characteristics, but also because they are resistant, light and totally versatile.

Nowadays, it is common to see these containers in businesses such as food trucks and take away. That’s because they meet the quality standards required by the packaging of this particular type of business. And if you don’t believe us, analyze the following block.

Advantages of sugarcane containers

These containers have gained a lot of popularity in the hospitality sector thanks to their attributes. But what are they?

  • Versatile: They can be used both in the microwave and in the refrigerator. Therefore, you can use them to store hot or cold food.
  • Varied: Sugarcane pulp is one of the most useful materials because it can be used to make cups, bowls, containers, trays, plates, boxes…
  • Lightweight: They are among the lightest biodegradable containers on the market and greatly facilitate the food delivery process.
  • Grease-resistant: They are perfect for packaging greasy foods that are ready to be transported or stored in the refrigerator.
  • Compostable: Sugar cane degrades biologically in a short time, so they can be very useful in composting.
  • Recyclable. They can be recycled along with cardboard, so they can be moved to a commercial composting facility.
  • Affordable. They have a similar price range to traditional packaging. The difference is that those made from sugarcane leave a smaller footprint on the planet.

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Frequently asked questions

How is sugar cane packaging made?

Sugar cane packaging goes through a low-impact industrial process for its manufacture. In this process, the juice is extracted from the sugar cane to start working with the bagasse or leftover material.
This bagasse undergoes a metamorphosis process that generates a paste very similar to conventional plastics. From this bio-organic paste, sugar cane packaging is produced.

What are the advantages of sugar cane packaging?

There are many advantages that sugar cane packaging brings to the user, as well as to catering companies and the environment. Get to know their 6 most outstanding attributes:
1. They can be used in the microwave and in the fridge.
2. They can be used to hold hot and cold food.
3. Their lightness facilitates the process of home deliveries.
4. They are very resistant to greasy food.
5. They are compostable and reusable, thus contributing to the reduction of environmental pollution.
6. They have a similar price to traditional packaging.

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