Surgical gloves: What are they made of?

Surgical gloves are used in most cases during medical procedures, as they manage to prevent contamination between the medical staff and the patient.

This type of glove is sterile and anatomical; it also offers greater precision and sensitivity. Their quality standards are higher than those of other types of gloves and they are usually found with or without powder.

This powder makes it much easier to put them on and consists of adding cornstarch, also known as cornstarch. The surgical gloves are in different materials

Most used materials in surgical gloves

What is the composition in these gloves? They can be made of different materials such as latex, vinyl, nitrile or neoprene. Why do the manufacturing materials vary? It is due to the number of people with allergies

Today, many health professionals have been affected by allergies that can be caused by latex. Because of this, the idea of manufacturing gloves from other types of materials arose.

Below, we will explain the material used to manufacture each type of glove and how this gives them different characteristics.

Latex gloves

These are manufactured from a natural raw material and are the most common and used on the market. They have good sensitivity and are highly resistant, adjusting almost perfectly to the shape of the hand.

Guantes de cirugía

Their only disadvantage is that they tend to cause more allergies than other materials used to make surgical gloves.

Vinyl and Nitrile Surgical Gloves

Vinyl and nitrile are the best substitute for latex in these types of gloves. They come from an acrylonitrile butadiene copolymer, which is a synthetic rubber latex.

The characteristics of this material can have many similarities to the properties of latex

Vinyl surgical gloves are known for their high resistance and for being allergenic, although their sensitivity is quite low. However, it is one of the most sought after because of its low price. They are the best combination of practicality and cost effectiveness!

Nitrile gloves are also frequently used, being ideal for any job. They are quite sensitive and are characterized by their high resistance, even against chemical products.

The difference between vinyl and nitrile gloves is the manufacturing process, which gives them different characteristics, even though the same raw material is used.

Neoprene gloves

This material is also known as synthetic rubber, its original name is duprene and it is widely used for its chemical stability, as well as its flexibility and resistance to high temperatures.

They can be found in different thicknesses, with excellent quality for good protection. However, they are not as resistant to cuts as other gloves.

Knowing the properties of the gloves is beneficial

Going deeper into the world of gloves teaches us that there is a wide variety of materials, as well as styles and colors; besides knowing the differences between them.

In this way we will give the best use to the gloves and we will know which ones are suitable for a certain activity.


What are surgical gloves made of?

Surgical gloves can be made of different materials: latex, vinyl, nitrile or neoprene.

How are latex gloves made?

Latex surgical gloves are the most common and widely used gloves on the market.

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