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qué es el take away

Take away refers both to gastronomy and to food served in a restaurant that will be consumed outside the restaurant. It is an excellent system that allows establishments to increase the number of customers they serve without expanding the physical space.

how does a take away work?

It applies not only to food businesses, but also to all those of purchase and sale in general. Customers usually buy through an online system and pick up the product at the store that sold them the product. This is a very popular method, especially for people who prefer to buy their products and consume them elsewhere.

Consumables needed for take away

To guarantee an excellent take away service, it is necessary to have the right accessories to pack the food. They must be comfortable, preserve the temperature, avoid spills to the outside and maintain the presentation.

The most commonly used consumables for take away are tableware, glasses, cutlery, take away containers, cardboard boxes or greaseproof paper, all adapted to offer a better service and original design. In this sense, the ecological options are winning by a landslide and represent the future of the sector.

Basic rules for a take away

To start a take away business, a series of rules must be met, as detailed below:

  • To have an establishment with the suitable conditions to prepare, or commercialize the food.
  • The personnel and owners must comply with safety and hygiene standards in the handling of food.
  • Comply with the sanitary authorization, urban licenses, as well as all those required by the locality.
  • Perform the Registration of Trademarks and Patents to ensure the availability of the brand, and thus boost your business in the digital environment.

This service can be implemented in all meals and restaurants and is an excellent option to grow your business.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is take away?

It is a take-away service. In restaurants, it refers to food served and consumed outside the restaurant. A modality that used to be linked to fast food, but has now been implemented in all types of restaurants.

How does take away work in a restaurant?

Take-away in restaurants is a practical and convenient system for selling and buying food. It consists of the customer buying online or directly in the restaurant and consuming in another place such as their home, office and others.

What consumables do I need for my take away?

Among the consumables needed are plates, containers, boxes, bags, glasses, cutlery, napkins and others. These must be easy to transport, preserve the temperature, avoid spills and maintain the aesthetics of the food.

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