The best plastic martini glasses

Los mejores vasos de plástico de Martini

When we have a glass of Martini between our fingers, we know that the evening will be unforgettable.

This mythical drink, James Bond’s favorite, has a whole history built around it , which makes it a favorite of many.

In the restaurant and hotel sector, the Martini is one of the most popular drinks and therefore you should include in your business the best options for serving this drink.

Below we present the best options of plastic cups , designed in top quality materials, of different sizes, attractive models and different capacities.

All these models are available at Monouso, an online shop specializing in catering with quality products and the best prices on the Internet.

Plastic Martini cup with coloured feet

The first option we present to you is the plastic glass or the martini glass with a coloured foot.

This beautiful glass is made of crystalline polystyrene, a material that gives it the same transparency as glass, with the advantages of plastic.

The Martini Glasses are 15 cm high , with a beautiful coloured base of 8.5 cm.

As for the capacity, we have two models: one with 100 millilitres and another with a capacity of 185 ml.

So that you can personalize the martini glasses to your taste, the foot is available in silver, aubergine, orange, red, raspberry, cream and tiffany, among others.

Also, if you are one of those who care about the environment, the plastic used to make this model is 100% recyclable.

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Plastic Martini Mug ¨Water Green¨

We still have the best choices of plastic cups you can find in our online store.

Now we have the “Agua Verde” Martini glass made of crystalline polystyrene, with the transparency you want.

This is a plastic martini glass presentation with a 7 x 8.1 cm body, with an elegant curvature that makes it a very eye-catching product.

The capacity of our “Water Green” martini glasses is 70 ml maximum.

It is ideal for serving a martini with appetizers at the beginning of the service.

Plastic Martini Glasses

Another option you find at Monouso is the plastic cups for small martinis, perfect for serving as an appetizer.

The first model is the tribe’s transparent plastic tasting glass, ideal for giving your guests a taste of everything you have prepared for them.

This type of glass is made of 100% recyclable polystyrene , with an ideal transparency.

The most outstanding feature of these plastic Martini cups is their shape, which resembles a flower, giving a touch of distinction and differentiation to your service.

It has a height of 8.9 cm by 6.4 cm wide. The maximum capacity of this glass is 68 millilitres.

The second model in this category is a version of the “water green” plastic cup.

It is also made of highly resistant transparent polystyrene . The shape of the glass is the one traditionally used for the Martini.

The dimensions are 7 x 8.1 cm with a capacity of 65 ml.

To close with the Martini plastic cup models, see the 60 ml transparent plastic cup.

Although its capacity is low compared to the previous ones, do not be fooled by this model as its height is 12.7 cm.

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They are made of transparent polystyrene with food and drink contact safety.

Buy plastic Martini glasses at Monouso

Shopping at Monouso is very simple and fast.

After visiting the sections of your interest and sending the products to your cart, you proceed to the payment of your order. For your convenience, we offer several payment methods.

Once your order has been checked, our team will pack your products, with the respective biosecurity measures.

It will be sent tothe indicated address within 24/72 working hours.

In addition, for orders over 75 euros, shipping is 100% free.

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