Keys to the cook and chill production system

cook and chill production system

Did you know that the cook and chill production system reduces the risk of contamination of your food? This culinary technique is being used more and more frequently in catering businesses because of its great benefits.

In this post we will tell you why it is not enough to know how to prepare a wide range of dishes when managing your restaurant, but it is also necessary to optimise production processes to obtain results with less time and effort.

Cook and chill production system, definition

The cook and chill kitchen was born from the need to prepare food in advance, store it and then serve it, maintaining its characteristics to the maximum. This is achieved through a process of temperature manipulation applied to the food, to go from cooking to chilling in a short time.


This technique is able to guarantee more favourable storage conditions for our food. An important thing worth bearing in mind is that through the Cook and Chill production system, you can preserve your dishes for up to 7 days. Within this period of time you can serve them without fear, as they will retain all their attributes in terms of aroma, texture and flavour

3 keys to the cook and chill system

Here we explain step by step how to apply this culinary technique to your preparations:

1. Cooking of food

The first key to the cook and chill system is the cooking of the food. At this stage it is not essential to have specific machinery, as you can use conventional ovens or other ovens that can be used to cook the food regardless of the energy source (gas, electric, etc.).

2. Rapid cooling of food

After the food has been cooked, the temperature lowering stage begins. This can take place in two ways; chilling or quick freezing

The aim is to obtain the most favourable conditions for storing the food. With this rapid decrease in temperature you reduce the formation of crystals in the food, preserve its structure and avoid the loss of fluids when defrosting.

3. Regeneration

The food regeneration process will help you to reach an optimal serving temperature. This consists of applying steam to the dishes, compensating for the moisture lost by increasing the heat. Our recommendation is that you carefully control the timing of the process so that the texture, juiciness, smell and taste are not lost.

Main advantages of cook and chill cooking

metodo cook chill
  • Increased safety: Food is subjected to low temperatures, preventing it from being contaminated by the multiplication of bacteria. This allows you to create conditions of hygiene and safety that are very favourable for offering a quality service.
  • Optimum preservation: As we have already mentioned, this technique offers the advantage of preserving the organoleptic properties of the preparations. From our experience we know the importance of serving dishes that diners enjoy as if they were freshly made.
  • Standardised processes: With the implementation of the Cook and Chill production system you will be able to plan the work in different groups, dividing efforts and delegating tasks. Consequently, you will see how increases the efficiency of your employees in the kitchen.
  • Cost savings: Storing preparations for a longer period of time will allow you to buy raw materials in larger quantities and therefore at lower prices. In addition, it makes it easier to increase the number of dishes on the menu, thus increasing the number of potential customers.
  • Rationing and regeneration: You will be able to plan and control the existence of the production, facilitating the service from the regeneration process.
  • Less wastage: From the abatement process, you will be able to stop the evaporation process, preventing your food from losing weight.

Why is the temperature abatement process important?

The risk of bacterial growth is considered a critical process when storing raw or cooked food. This is due to the fact that the temperature range is between 3°C and +65°C. The abatement process increases the efficiency and safety of food preservation. It allows rapid cooling of the dishes, crossing the maximum danger zone in the shortest possible time.

Now that you’ve learned the basics of the cook and chill production system, you’re ready to get the most out of your catering business. And remember, it is very important to have quality machinery and tools to serve your customers the way they deserve.

That’s why at Monouso we offer you packaging with thermal properties that will help you in this process. Don’t forget to visit our catalogue where you can find the products that best suit your needs, we are here to help you!

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