The importance of good plating

The presentation of the dishes is as important as the quality of the ingredients used and the resulting taste. A good dish is the result of a very exhaustive previous analysis to give an aesthetic result that fits with the values of the restaurant and also with the culinary principles of the dish presented.

Tiling must be proportionate and have a certain aesthetic sense, but not only that, it must be the result of marketing principles that need to be revised so that you can successfully incorporate them into your tiling ideas.

The presentation of the dish goes far beyond a first image for the diner, but also acquires importance because it conditions the taste and enriches the consumption experience.

Before you start with some tricks to get an outstanding dish you should keep in mind that “you eat with your eyes” and that the presentation of the dish is much more important than you might think at first. Score points with a spectacular dish.

Tips for creating a good plate


Colour is the most representative element of a dish and gives us the first clues about the food we are going to eat. In other words, the colours chosen and the combination of them plays a fundamental role in the first impression we make when the dish arrives at our table.

In fact, numerous studies speak of the psychology of colour and the influence that the colour of the dishes has on our perceptions of the dish. It plays very well with complementary chromatic ranges and tries never to break with the harmony of the dish.

For example, while white dishes seek to highlight above all the food on it, dishes with decorations are an unconscious distraction that do not allow us to observe and taste all the nuances and flavours of the dish.


The arrangement of the food, as well as the sauces, on the plate is not by chance, but there are techniques to distribute the food on the plate forming different geometric figures. The most well known and used are the following:

  • Triangular
  • Square
  • Circular
  • Linear


Everything on the plate must be edible and arranged in such a way that it is comfortable for the diners to eat, so the volume of the food and also of the dishes is fundamental and must have been chosen carefully. On the other hand, incorporating too much food in the same dish can be saturated for the diner, so the quantity should be studied very well.


It plays with the colours of the food and also with the dishes to create a harmonious and balanced result. You can play with colours, but also with shapes, lines, flavours and texture.


The choice of tableware is decisive when it comes to succeeding with the presentation of your dishes. From the biodegradable dishesThe result of this analysis is the slate dishes until the biodegradable miniatures the options are endless.

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