Themed restaurants: a business that is too unfashionable?

Restaurantes temáticos

If you want to enter the world of gastronomy in 2023, a themed restaurant could be the great opportunity you are looking for to innovate and do what you like the most.

However, this business model requires a lot of research, investment and vocation, so that it can really work and become your customers’ favourite place.

If you are looking for loyal and long-lasting customers, put your heart into your project and take care of every detail. Also, remember that if the theme of your restaurant is something you are passionate about, it will always be easier for you to be inspired to improve and look for the best for your restaurant.

What is a themed restaurant and why does it stand out?

A themed restaurant is a place set with a very specific concept, where every detail will make you live a unique and special experience while you share a good meal with your family and friends.

For example, it is not the same to eat Italian food in a restaurant that is an expert in that menu, as it is to do it in a space set in the canals of Venice.

This is how these spaces become eye-catching places, to which customers always come back to remember or recall some stage of their lives, highlighting the things they are passionate about and that make them definitely happy.

You have probably heard it said that “fashions come back”. And this is a reality. That is why your themed restaurant can be inspired by a period or image from the past that you can recreate with all the resources and ideas you have at hand.

It is not an unfashionable business. On the contrary, it is currently more fashionable than ever. Themed restaurants work to innovate and improve in order to compete and differentiate themselves from the competition.

Is it a good idea to set up a theme restaurant in 2023?

Yes, it is! Nowadays, these types of restaurants are trending on social media.

We all want the best photo, in the best place and with the best company. So every decorative element will be a plus for customers to capture the moment and describe the experience of being there. In addition, you can influence them to include a tag or mention that can promote your business as an influencer.

Be inspired and develop an idea that is feasible. How do you know? Do some research and use similar business ideas you see on the internet.

The design of the menu will also be up to your own judgement. However, strive to create a unique recipe that is the icon of your restaurant or to recreate the theme of your restaurant in the presentation of a dish. This is something that can help you, remember the best experience and photo?

Develop your ideas, do the necessary tests, ask your friends and family, get them to try your recipes or simply observe their reaction to your ideas. This way you can get to know the market and see if they like it or not.

Advantages of having a themed restaurant

Among the most outstanding advantages of having a themed restaurant we can mention the following:

  • Innovation and originality. This is the key to gaining a reputation and customers who have an affinity with your theme.
  • Loyal customers. Everyone longs to go back to where they were happy. Give your customers that comfort with quality products and service, because if they are there it is because they love the theme as much as you do.
  • Take care of the details. Every detail counts to make the experience motivating and moving. But, if you are looking for loyal and long-lasting customers, put your heart into it and take care of every detail.
  • Market segmentation. You will only have customers who really enjoy being there and living that experience.
  • Gastronomy is an almost infinite business, because eating is a basic need. For this reason, the effort must be concentrated on not being just another restaurant where people go to eat just to satisfy their stomach, but on being the best in terms of product quality, prices and, of course, the experience.

Take care of your investment and don’t get carried away by momentary fads. Don’t make the mistake of investing adrift, do your research, get advice and trust in yourself… If it is what you are passionate about, you will increase your chances of having a successful theme restaurant.

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