Things that can be recycled: facts and tricks

Monouso cocina
Monouso cocina

Iā€™m sure you know this, but there are many things that can be recycled.

By separating the garbage and placing it in the various containers you will be collaborating with recycling. Sorting the garbage properly makes the transformation processes faster and easier.

There are containers for each of the waste components, intended for organic matter, paper and cardboard, plastic and metal packaging, glass and waste in general.

The containers have a differentiated color to make our work easier. Our only task is to separate and dispose of them correctly.

Few people know the meaning of waste processing and what recycling of materials means, an action that benefits the environment in the long term.

This is what should be recycled

Esto es lo que se debe reciclar

There are countless objects that can be recycled, from wooden pallets to food scraps, as well as items that can negatively affect the environment if not handled correctly.

Recycling aims to reduce pollution and exploitation of raw materials, reusing materials and elements seen as waste, which still have a useful life.

It is important to bear in mind that, if waste is disposed of inappropriately, it cannot be reused and that not all waste can be recycled.

For this reason, in almost all places there are colorful cans that have the function of classified garbage collection.

In order to achieve an adequate classification of the waste, it is necessary to deposit the corresponding elements in the indicated containers for their later processing:

  • Yellow container: plastic containers, briks, cans and milk cartons.
  • Blue container: paper and cardboard.
  • Green container: glass containers and bottles
  • Orange container: organic waste.
  • Grey container: waste in general.

Other types of waste, the so-called electronic waste, must be disposed of in special containers. These products include batteries. These containers are usually found in supermarkets.



Plastic is one of the most abundant wastes

This material can be found at:

  • Food containers.
  • Disposable glasses, plates and cutlery.
  • Plastic bottles of cleaning products.
  • Cosmetic containers.
  • Plastic chairs and tables.
  • Flowerpots.
  • Toys.
  • Vehicle parts.
  • Household appliances.
  • Food products.

Plastic should be placed in the yellow containers.



Glass is a 100% recyclable material, of great versatility, used to package and preserve products.

It is ideal for reuse, as it does not lose its properties or characteristics once it is washed.

It is preferable to sterilize it, at high temperatures, before using it again.

This noble material can be found at:

  • Food packaging.
  • Packaging for medicines.
  • Bottles for alcoholic and soft drinks.
  • Perfume and cosmetic packaging.

The glass is discarded in the green containers.



Recycling metal helps to keep the ecosystem clean.

Among the metal elements we can find:

  • Tetrapack containers.
  • Cans of food.
  • Cans of soft drinks and alcoholic beverages.
  • Tubes of toothpaste.

Metal, like plastic, is disposed of in the yellow container.

Paper and cardboard, ideal for recycling

Papel y cartĆ³n, ideales para reciclar

Recycling paper and cardboard reduces the impact on the industry that manufactures this type of material.

In addition, by recycling this product we avoid indiscriminate tree felling, an action that significantly affects everyoneā€™s quality of life.

Once processed, the paper and cardboard can be reused as new recycled paper.

Paper and cardboard can be found in:

  • Newspapers and magazines.
  • Telephone books.
  • Bills.
  • Sheets.
  • Folders.
  • Cardboard containers.
  • Transport boxes.

Paper and cardboard should be disposed of in the blue containers.

Products that can be recycled at home

Productos que se pueden reciclar en casa

Reducing the amount of waste present in our home is one of the measures you can take to respect the environment.

Turning everyday waste into functional and original objects will bring out your creative side and contribute to the reduction of elements that might otherwise be unusable.

These are some of the products that can be recycled at home:

  • Bottles: they can be used to decorate and in some cases they can be used as vases.
  • Toys: if they still work and are in good condition you can donate them to charity or to children who do not have the resources to acquire them.
  • Appliances: you can sell them or recycle them to use as a decorative element on a shelf in your home.
  • Tyres: they can be reused for children to play on a swing or playground in your backyard.
  • Wood: if your furniture is no longer useful, you can use the wood as firewood for your fireplace and make new furniture.

Surprise yourself! This can also be recycled

Ā”SorprĆ©ndete! Esto tambiĆ©n se puede reciclar

Nowadays there are actions that have a positive effect on the environment such as using ecological products, saving water and making new generations aware of the health of our planet.

Offering solutions that promote an awareness of recycling will teach the importance of properly separating waste, achieving the classification of elements such as paper, glass, metal and plastics from organic elements.

As technology advances and companies create innovative products, they are posing scenarios in which their presence in the processes of recycling and proper management of their waste is fundamental.

This is to ensure a cleaner world, free of elements that may be harmful to the environment and that in turn may affect the demand for their products.

Some of the products that can be recycled under conditions determined by their components are

  • Coffee capsules: these capsules, made of aluminum, can take a long time to decompose naturally. For this reason, one of the manufacturing companies made available to users reception points to carry out the correct recycling.
  • Light bulb: made mostly of glass and other materials, the bulbs can only be recycled in a special way. In some cities, there are reception stations that handle them.
  • Batteries: these wastes must be deposited in the electronic garbage dumps to avoid that toxic components can leak into the ground causing damage to the environment.
  • Pizza boxes: we know that to recycle cardboard this must be clean. Thinking about it, many people believe that pizza boxes cannot be recycled. However, it is possible to recycle the parts that are not dirty, such as the lids of these boxes.

Attention: this is not recyclable

AtenciĆ³n: esto no es reciclable

Just as we list products that can be recycled, there are also some materials that cannot be recycled.

In general, this process is affected by the state of degradation of the raw material

Among the non-recyclable elements we can mention

  • Paper napkins.
  • Kitchen paper.
  • Photo paper.
  • Lamps.
  • Mirrors.
  • Plasticized paper.
  • Ceramic objects.
  • Paint containers.
  • Dirty paint rags.
  • Rags with traces of cleaning products.

What is the importance of recycling?

ĀæCuĆ”l es la importancia de reciclar?

The importance of recycling lies in taking advantage of the materials used to manufacture a product to create a new one from it, in order to give that product a second chance.

Once a new use is found for this product, it can be reused indefinitely.

There are products such as paper, plastic and glass that can have a second chance by modifying their initial use, resulting in new objects for the decoration of your home.

Taking advantage of the potential of the waste material we have in our homes will not only give you the opportunity to create and give it a new use, but will also allow you to protect the environment.

Ideas you can make with recycled material

Ideas que puedes hacer con material de reciclaje

Recycling is transforming, changing the usefulness of an object that is considered a waste product but that, with good ideas and the right materials, can become a very useful element and give it a second chance.

Plastic is one of the simplest elements to transform. There are many easy options that will give a twist to that water container you are about to put in the yellow container.

For a special dinner, make a candlestick out of the bottom of the plastic container, cut off the bottom of the bottle, and tape or similar material to the edge so you donā€™t get hurt. Finally, place the candle and your candlestick is ready.

Another simple option is to make a pencil holder. Just cut the plastic bottle in half and place a rubber band around the edge to decorate it and youā€™re ready to take your pencils anywhere.

You can also reuse objects that are used every day but you want to give them a second chance by innovating their functions, such as old cutlery that you can turn into beautiful wall hangers.

The suitcases will not only be useful to go on a trip, you can personalize them and turn them into cabinets or first aid kits.

And when it comes to music, musical instruments are items you can reuse as accessories for your home, turning a guitar into a modern bookcase and a drum drum into a stylish lamp.

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