Tips for being a good restaurant host


Acting with kindness, poise and common sense are infallible tactics for being a good restaurant host. However, at Monouso we want to teach you other equally effective tricks to convince costumers you are the one!

So make yourself as comfortable as possible and find out about all the minors. Here we go!

What is a restaurant host?

The restaurant or host, according to its translation into English, is a professional who is in charge of welcoming customers, accompanying them to their table, bringing them the menu and saying goodbye when they decide to leave.

Nowadays, a host has become key within restaurants. They make the customer’s stay a much more pleasant experience, which is essential for these diners to feel at ease and want to come back soon.

What is the profile that a restaurant host should have?

The host is the first person who will interact with the customers, will look after them during the whole meal and will be the last one to say goodbye to them. For that reason, to be a good host you must be endowed with different qualities. We will tell you more details later:

  • Friendly personality. As the host will be the first face the client will observe, it will be necessary to maintain a good attitude in any situation and always smile.
  • Ability to deal with an audience. It is also important to serve difficult and demanding customers with a good attitude, since the customer is always right.
  • Be organized. Being organized with the rest of the staff is essential to give the best attention to customers and to give minimum room for mistakes.
  • Availability to perform multiple tasks. Many times the host will also have to be a waiter, stand for long periods of time and help with cleaning when closing.
  • Be of legal age. It is important that you have come of age. Also, many restaurants do not generally require educational certifications or previous work experience in this field.
  • Speak several languages. Speaking fluent English is a very important quality to deal with foreign clients and ensure a more pleasant stay. A good command of Italian and French will also be helpful.


7 tips to be a good restaurant host

As you saw earlier, the qualities of a good host are not so bad. Just apply empathy, be patient, don’t neglect the client, and be as talkative as you need to be.

Although, if you are interested in standing out even more in this field, we bring you a few tips to be a good host. Take a look!

1. Keep everything organized

Before clients arrive, make sure you have all the necessary supplies such as several pens, notepaper and a map on the tables. If you need anything else, remember to ask the manager.

Make sure there is enough clean cutlery available. If the restaurant accepts reservations, take them into account when you organize the table and seating plan, since knowing how many tables are available you will be able to better establish the station of each waiter.

2. Always greet customers with a smile

The host has the first opportunity to make a good impression on the customers. For that reason, you should smile and greet them warmly when welcoming them.

Don’t concentrate on one guest, but try to keep an eye out for new customers that may arrive at the restaurant. Now, if you are very busy, smile at them and say “I’ll be with you in a moment”.

If regular customers arrive, you can call them by name in a respectful and pleasant way. Let them know right away if they have to wait so that they don’t waste time, so that they can decide whether to make other dinner plans.

3. Show the customers your table

While you take the customers to their table try to walk slightly faster than them. Make sure you bring the menu, a good set of cutlery and napkins.

You can ask if the table you chose for them is okay or if they would prefer to sit at another table. Also, offer them an apology if they had to wait a long time.

4. Make sure customers are comfortable

If the restaurant is moderately empty, seat customers at tables that are not too close together. This way, your guests will have enough space and will feel more comfortable.

Also, try to get them water or other similar items. If they ask for anything else, let them know that a waiter will be with them shortly.

5. Have good communication with the waiters

You will be able to tell if the waiters are taking good care of the customer’s orders by talking to them. Remember, everyone works in the same team and it is important to work in coordination so that everything goes smoothly.

If a waiter is overwhelmed with several tables, try to find a partner to help. You can even help, but don’t neglect your duties as a restaurant host.

6. Walk around the restaurant

You must walk around the restaurant to follow the tables. This way, you will not lose control of the diners that are about to leave and you will know how many tables will be available again.

Also, help to clean and arrange the tables whenever necessary. It is important to have the willingness to lend a hand when your colleagues need you. Even more so if you are not doing anything and new customers are waiting impatiently.

7. Say goodbye to your guests

Remember! You’ll be the last person in the restaurant to have contact with the customers. Therefore, offer a kind farewell when they decide to retire. This gesture will allow them to feel that they had a pleasant experience and will want to come back.

You know! A nice smile, a few kind words and a close treatment are infallible tips to be a good restaurant host.


What is a restaurant host?

It is the professional who is in charge of welcoming customers, accompanying them to their table and saying goodbye when they leave.

What profile should a restaurant host have?

He/she must have a friendly personality, be able to deal with the public, be organized, be available to perform tasks and speak several languages.

Tips to become a good restaurant host

Keep everything organized.
Always greet with a smile.
Show customers to their table,
Make sure they feel comfortable.
Have good communication with the waiters.
Walk around the restaurant.
Say a cordial goodbye to guests.

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