Tips for cooking a healthy pizza in your restaurant


The fitness trend has gone from being a fad to becoming a lifestyle. From the way we dress, how we move around and especially the way we eat. We show you how to make healthy pizzas and stay competitive in the demanding world of health and fitness.

Healthy pizza: a fitness trend

Pizza is still one of the favourites of diners. The development of healthy, low-calorie pizzas is a trend that is reaching the world of Italian restaurants, which include low-fat, high-fiber and flavorful alternatives on their menu. There are no tricks when it comes to healthy and balanced eating.

How to make healthy pizzas?

The secret to making the healthiest pizzas is in the touch you give to each of the main elements:

  • The quality of the dough.
  • The taste of the sauce.
  • The consistency of mozzarella cheese
  • The naturalness of the main toppings.

Pizza dough

The traditional dough is made with wheat flour, water and yeast. Salt and some herbs are usually added to enhance the flavour. Incorporate a healthy version into the restaurant menu by replacing conventional flour with wholemeal. Add cereals, or some kind of crushed nuts. Ground oats or flakes are easily integrated.

The key is to achieve a mix that maintains the fundamental organoleptic properties for pizza lovers, but is healthier. Try various aromatic herbs, dry or fresh, and evaluate the impact on diners.


Healthy alternate sauces

The traditional Neapolitan sauce is used to crown the taste of the best pizzas. For an unforgettable healthy pizza dare to innovate and incorporate the Italian classics in the preparation of the sauces, so that the diner forgets that he needs some other ingredient on the pizza.

Tomato, fresh basil and aubergine is a classic with great potential. You can also opt for a light pesto with basil, garlic, pine nuts and olive oil, replacing conventional sauces, leaving it to spread on the baked dough with the rest of the ingredients.

Any mozzarella cheese?

A good mozzarella is the turning point for pizza lovers. That feeling of cheese that stretches endlessly represents an unbeatable pleasure. Much is said about preferring buffalo mozzarella to beef or bovine. The truth is that they are all high in fat, representing a significant contribution of calories, so their use should be moderated.

Although buffalo mozzarella can contain up to 3 times more fat than sheep’s and twice as much as cow’s, it is a cheese rich in protein, with less cholesterol and mineral salts. It is also a rich source of vitamin A.

Ingredients for healthy pizzas

Prefer natural ingredients over processed meats. Avoid salami, ham, pepperoni, sausage, bacon, or any type of sausage on pizzas. In spite of their unbeatable taste, in communion with the mozzarella, they disrupt any fitness effort you have.

Prefer thinly sliced tomatoes, paprika, onions, black olives, corn, mushrooms, or any seasonal vegetable. You can opt for turkey breast or naturally caramelize the onions to gain preference for lighter versions of the pizza. Aromatic herbs are ideal to highlight the new taste for nature.

Marketing of Healthy Pizzas

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