Tips for freezing food with freezer bags


Although freezer bags allow us to store a greater number of foods and keep them intact to consume them as we please, it is necessary to know how to freeze each of the products we put in these bags.

Do you know why? It turns out that not all foods have the same properties and therefore do not react in the same way when subjected to the cold.

In view of this, to use the bags to freeze food, we at Monouso will show you some of the tricks that will help you not to compromise your health and get the most out of it. So, let us explain it to you below.

Identify which foods you should not freeze

By using freezer bags we believe that everything can be frozen and the reality is that it cannot, as some foods lose their texture, flavour and vitamins if they are subjected to the cold. A clear example is sauces, which no matter what base they have, separate when thawed.

The same happens with the creams of the cakes or the fried ones like the French fries, that when defrosting are gummy and insipid, since they throw water and with it, the salt and its condiments.

Fruits aren’t ideal for freezing either, but one trick is to peel them and cover them in syrup before freezing.

Everything must be fresh

Plastic freezer bags can be used for the preservation of fresh food. For example, if you have a fish that has been in your fridge for two days or more and you want to freeze it to avoid losing it, when you thaw and cook it it will be a little slimy, tasteless and in worse condition.


Freeze based on what you consume

Many are in favor of being able to cook quickly, so imagine that you use the bags to freeze the food for a kilo of meat, but you live alone.

You will have to wait for it to thaw before you can start chopping the portion you will eat that day and then refreeze the rest.

So if you want to make your life easier by freezing food, do it in small portions! That way you can use one bag and thaw what you need for that food.

Furthermore, freezing and defrosting the same product on multiple occasions not only causes it to lose its quality, texture and flavour, but can also lead to food poisoning.

The latter is often the case with foods such as meat and fish, since these are foods that have bacteria that can be activated by thawing.

Wash plastic freezer bags thoroughly

It is common for us to use our freezer bags once we have eaten the food they were holding. Therefore, it is super important that they are properly washed with soap and water, inside and out, and then dried and exposed to the sun for a few minutes.

Why? Because cross-contamination can be avoided. For example, if a chicken thaws, it can release bacteria and water that can end up being part of the piece of meat or vegetable you choose to put in that same bag.

For all the above, it is clear that it is important to know each food and how it should be handled for freezing, as this ensures the quality, texture, flavor and nutritional contribution of each product in your daily diet.

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