Tips for packing a pallet

Consejos para embalar un palet

Pallets are wooden structures that facilitate the transport of products and make it easy to store products in the warehouses, in a practical and safe way for everyone.

When pallets are used to transport goods, they must be wrapped in film paper. Pallet packaging makes transport safer and prevents products from being accidentally hit or damaged.

Take note of the best tips for packing a pallet, including the best way to pack and the materials needed for packaging.

Best practices when packing pallets

Mejores prácticas al embalar palets

The pallet packaging process is composed of three fundamental steps that guarantee safe and adequate transport for a diverse range of products.

Formed by the process of assembly, the protection they need and the errors to be avoided; these three steps ensure the characteristics you are looking for in your packaging.

During the process of assembling the pallet

The first step to be taken is to place the products in packages such as boxes, which have the capacity to be stacked.

Remember that each package bears a maximum weight , so the appropriate weight must be placed to prevent it from deteriorating or being damaged when stacked on the pallets.

Another tip is to label the packages you used to store the products. This way, you can easily identify the contents of each one of them

In addition to writing the name, you should ideally put the symbols set out in ISO 780:2015 on the packaging so that the people handling the products can load them with the required care.

Ideal protection of the contents

It uses packing tape to close the packages of each product and start stacking on the pallets.

Once you have finished stacking the packages, it is time to cover the boxes and pallet with film. The more wraps of film you have, the safer the boxes will be against knocks or abuse.

Try to protect the corners of the packaging with edge protectors to prevent damage to the corners during transport.

What to do and what to avoid when packing a pallet

One of the most common mistakes made when stacking individual packages before covering them with film.

Ideally, individual packs should be stacked in columns or interleaved. Both methods ensure that the boxes are not crushed by their weight and do not fall over.

If the individual packs to be stacked are odd, you need to use empty packs to complete the pallet.

Never stack in a pyramid shape and avoid placing more weight than a pallet can support. Stacking in the shape of a pyramid does not provide adequate support for the individual packages and a lot of weight could break or damage the pallet.

Essential: pallet wrapping film

Fundamental: film para embalar palets

A fundamental element for the transport of the products is the film paper for packing the pallets.

The individual packs containing the products must be placed on the centre of the non-slip pallets

The individual packs are then covered up to the base of the pallet. This prevents the boxes from slipping off the pallet and the loss of goods during transport.

The pallet is the structure in charge of supporting the packages, but the film is the protagonist when it comes to securing the products during transport.

Manual or machine packing

Embalaje manual o con máquina

Pallet wrapping with film can be done by two equally effective methods: manually or with the use of a pallet wrapping machine.

With the manual process, a team of people covers the entire pallet with several layers of film so that the individual packages do not move from their place.

However, the use of pallet wrapping machines is recommended as they save time and are very easy to use. In addition, the packaging is more compact and therefore safer.

Final considerations for using a pallet wrapping machine

Consideraciones finales para usar una embaladora de palets

There are two additional considerations when packing a pallet: the amount of film to be packed and the maximum height the individual boxes should reach on the pallets.

There is no set amount of film paper to be used for packaging, but the packaging must be thick and strong enough to hold the boxes on the pallets.

If the load is not covered with an adequate amount of wrapping film, there is a risk that the products will fall to the ground during transport or that they will be hit and their contents damaged.

Furthermore, the height of the packages on the pallet will depend on the weight and volume of the products to be transported. However, the maximum recommended height for the boxes is 145 centimetres.

Advantages of using wood for packaging

Ventajas de utilizar madera para embalajes

Using wood for packaging and packing processes is an economical and environmentally friendlyalternative that companies can use.

Wood is used to make pallets, packaging, reels and even containers that facilitate the transport, storage and safety of any product.

Each cubic metre of wood used to make packaging helps contain a tonne of carbon dioxide accumulated in the environment.

Also, the companies that are dedicated to this sector, generate up to three million jobs throughout the countries that are part of the European Union.

Finally, it is important to highlight the recycling and reuse potential of each of the products intended for packaging.

Some people around the world have been responsible for transforming pallets into furniture or desks, while wooden boxes or baskets have been used to build libraries or store objects.

Explanatory video on how to pack a pallet

If you want to know all the necessary steps to pack a pallet, we leave you a video of the channel Transportes Rinoceronte.

They have been in charge of detailing the materials that can be used to pack the products on the pallet and guarantee their safety.

They also show the step by step process of assembling the pallet and the manual packaging of the pallet with the film.

YouTube video

Plastic for packing pallets and other items

If you require film paper for packing, go to the Single-use and choose the film and products that best suit your needs.

In the section of pallet film you find the manual stretch film withdifferent colors, sizes and even the amount of reels you can buy.

To make the task of palletizing easier and faster, you can also find a stretch film roll holder.

In addition to the rolls of film for palletizing, you have an entire category dedicated to packaging material necessary to make your transport and storage easy and safe.

This category consists of products such as adhesive packaging tapes, cardboard boxes, sealing machines, adhesive document bags and even gift wrap.

If you need any of the products you just have to add them to your shopping bag and confirm the order, this way, the date of shipment and delivery is established in the most convenient address for you.

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