How to delete a review on TripAdvisor


Has your restaurant received a malicious or defamatory review? Well, this time we will show you how to delete a review on TripAdvisor.

Malicious comments on the Internet are everyday problems that managers have to face. That’s why from Monouso we intend to help you in a situation that threatens the reputation of every hotel business. So, stay with us and learn about TripAdvisor, what it is and how to remove false reviews

Let’s go there!

Review on TripAdvisor How reliable are they?

You log on early in the morning to the TripAdvisor platform and come across a bad review of your restaurant. You check the user’s name in your system, talk to the employees, and nothing! There is no way to verify the information provided.

Then, you conclude that the opinion issued has been made under a false pseudonym with the purpose of discrediting your business. Does this scene sound familiar to you? Well, this type of incident has been hurting the hospitality industry for a few years now.

TripAdvisor is the world’s largest and most influential hospitality portal. With it, both users and business owners can exchange perspectives, obtaining a given ranking.

How to leave reviews on TripAdvisor

All you have to do is access their website and write what you want. No prior registration is required, and you can even opt for pseudonyms or anonymity. Also, no proof, evidence or demonstration is required to support the veracity of your opinion.

The only requirement is to respect the policies of the page, avoiding the use of discriminatory vocabulary, offenses, insults, among others. Therefore, anyone could qualify your service as mediocre, disappointing or fraudulent and then it would be reviewed in your profile. And the worst thing is that this user may never have set foot in your restaurant.

So, are they reliable?

Certainly, these uncontrolled valuations present a problem for businesses in the hospitality industry. And the worrying thing is that we have seen an increase in these practices, with the intent to damage or discredit in recent years.

How to remove a review from TripAdvisor? 6 steps to get results in no time

If you’ve come to the conclusion that a review is fraudulent, it’s time to take action. Here’s how to delete reviews on TripAdvisor:

1. Get a backup of the review you want to delete

Since it is possible to modify posts, we recommend that you take a screenshot and record the email address of the comment. This will serve as a record of the incident, and will provide solid support for the complaint.

The information collected should be stored and captured in a digital document. This is how you begin the collection of evidence.

2. Contact the user and ask for a proof

From the platform you must ask the user for a proof of their visit to your business. With the invoice of the service or a purchase ticket is more than enough. To access directly, go below the comment and click on the section “ask the user about your business”.

Try to be respectful and polite. Remember that the conversation will be recorded on the platform and it is in your best interest to appear professional. In this regard, state that you want to clarify the situation, and therefore require such a document.

3. Send a letter to TripAdvisor denouncing the comment

Next, log in to the platform as the owner. Then locate the review again and proceed to report it. To do this, position yourself at the bottom of the box and click on the little flag with the option “Any problems with this review?”

Afterwards, a box will appear for you to relate the incident, and when you finish filling out the form you send it.

4. You receive the email confirming receipt of the report

Subsequently, if everything is correct, you will receive a response via email from TripAdvisor stating that it is processing the complaint. In the body of the message you will see a contact email address, accompanied by a numeric identifier. You will then use this information to complete the document with evidence of the complaint

5. Send the proofs to the platform listing the reasons for the claim

Then, attach the digital document with the evidence in an email. Remember that the wording should indicate that you did not receive a response when you tried to communicate with the user. Also, point out that the opinion comes from a fake profile and that it is a fraudulent activity to harm your business.

Now verify that your text has all the requested data (screenshots and ID number). And then send it to the support address previously given to you by TripAdvisor.

6. Wait for them to delete the review

If the process goes as expected, you should hear back from TripAdvisor soon. You should certainly receive an email mentioning the results of the investigation. In this document, they will note that they have indeed removed the comment for violating the platform’s guidelines.

However, the user will be allowed the opportunity to upload the opinion again, as long as they avoid making the same mistakes.

And that’s it! That’s how easy it is to delete a review on TripAdvisor for false, fraudulent or defamatory. From today you have another tool to take care of the reputation of your restaurant or hospitality business. And don’t forget to spread this post and access our blog for more valuable information.

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