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In recent times, oriental cuisine has experienced a remarkable expansion. Sushi, in particular, has become a trend worldwide and more and more users are demanding it. This combination of rice with fish, seaweed, vegetables and Japanese vinegars is a real delight for the palate and, at the same time, a light, nutritious and healthy gastronomic option.

Precisely because of this, more and more bars and restaurants have decided to include this dish in their menus, both in in-house services and in take away. But to offer an optimal sushi experience, it is essential to serve it with the right accessories. Catering businesses need to incorporate the appropriate packaging into their crockery and cutlery. In this post we tell you which are the best products for sushi available in the market.


The best products for sushi

In the market you will find a wide variety of products and accessories to serve sushi. This is our top 3:

1 – Pack with black PLA sushi cover

The PLA lidded container for sushi is a great alternative if you are looking for comfort and a good visual impact in your take-away services. Sushi can be enjoyed with the five senses and sight takes on a special role, as it is an eminently visual dish where colours and textures come into play. The container with a PLA lid is also a compostable container, made of vegetable plastic. These are more sustainable and 100% renewable containers. They are certified for composting by BPI.

2 – Sheathed bamboo chopstick

The authentic sushi experience is enjoyed with chopsticks, not a knife and fork. It is part of the oriental tradition and the diners, as a rule, prefer to enjoy a complete immersive gastronomic experience. Therefore, one of the products for sushi will undoubtedly be the bamboo chopsticks. This product includes two 20 cm pieces wrapped in a recycled paper package with oriental motifs.

3 – Sushi carton

Another of the most recommended products for sushi is carton packagings sushi bar. This container, made of folding charcoal in kraft color is ideal for take away services. This type of container allows you to transport your sushi comfortably and elegantly. It is also a very suitable product to serve other types of menus such as salads, noodles or noodles.

Where to buy sushi products

Wondering where to buy sushi products? Whether you are in the hotel business or a private individual, Monouso is a great option. In the shop’s online catalogue you will find a wide section of sushi products compatible with all kinds of needs. From take-away containers to bamboo sticks, oriental dishes or wooden accessories.

Monouso delivers sushi products all over Europe. Since 2006, the shop has been a reference point in the sector of disposable tableware, food packaging and other reusable products.

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