Top 5 handicrafts with plastic cups


Did you think that plastic cups were only for drinking? Then you will be happy to know that they have many other uses.

This small product is economical, dynamic, versatile and easy to purchase. Therefore, it is perfect for creating a multitude of crafts for your little ones.

Whether it’s to help your children with their schoolwork or to share at home, plastic cups are your best choice.

What do you say? Would you like to find out what crafts you can create from plastic cups?

Don’t miss it!

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    Piggy Bank

To create a piggy bank, you will need cardboard, scissors, glue and a colored glass.

  • Paint the glass completely in the color you want.
  • Put the glass on a piece of construction paper and use it to draw a circle.
  • Cut out the circle and make a small opening to insert the money.
  • Stick it to the mouth of the glass and use the scissors to rectify it.
  1. Basket

To create a beautiful basket you will need two colored cups, a pair of scissors, a ruler and a pen.

  • Cut the glass from the opening to the middle.
  • Use your finger to measure and repeat this cut all over the glass.
  • Take the cuts and stretch them out gently until your glass looks like a flower.
  • Fold the strips and pass them under each other until they are all linked.
  • Take the second glass and cut the edges.
  • It’s an inch upright.
  • Make a horizontal line around the glass.
  • Cut it with the scissors.
  • Stick the tape end to end on the basket and you’re done.


  1. Vase

You will need two cups, a sheet of paper, glue and some paint to create your artificial flower container.

  • Stick the base of the glasses.
  • Make a two-centimeter-high ribbon on your sheet of paper and cut it out.
  • Stick it at the base junction.
  • Decorate the ribbon and the vase with the paint of your choice. You can also add a ribbon for more decoration.
  • Insert the flowers.
  1. Jewelry Box

You’ll need a ruler and a pair of scissors, glue and a ribbon.

  • Cut the edges.
  • Flatten the glass. You will get a more triangular shape.
  • Make two parallel cuts in the corners, taking both ends of the glass.
  • Open the glass.
  • Create the paper design you like best and stick it to the vase.
  • Make two small holes on each side of the top.
  • Insert a strip between the holes and tighten it.
  • Insert what you want.
  1. Gift box

All you need are the scissors and a little bow as a gift.

  • Cut off the edges of the glass.
  • It makes vertical cuts one centimeter long.
  • Stretch the folds a little.
  • Insert each fold under the other until you return to the beginning.
  • The result will be a spiral shape that will hold the contents of the glass.
  • Place the ribbon in the opening and your cookie case is finished.

Have you seen? Plastic cups offer a lot of possibilities to let your imagination run wild, and kids are going to love it! Now, all you have to do is buy yours in our online store Monouso and test you.

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